27+ Best Jonas Brothers Inspired Hairstyles that are Trending Now [2019]

By | August 2, 2021

27+ Best Jonas Brothers Inspired Hairstyles that are Trending Now [2019]

These guys are the ones I used to watch on Disney Channel back in the days when they starred in one cute TV show for young teenagers. I even fell in love with one of them after watching the Camp Rock movie and I used to be a big fan of him. Now I kind of forgot about them, but I realized they used to have a pretty good taste of style and they still do. So I decided to check what they have done lately regarding their hairstyles and I kind of fell in love again, haha! Well, let me show you some of the choices they made in this area, and maybe they’ll inspire you too.

Best Jonas Brothers Hairstyles

Oh, dear Joe Jonas, my favorite of the brothers has these playful curled locks that give him a cute, neat, childish look I confess we all like about a guy. His nice styled classic undercut combines in a harmonious way with the hair type I mentioned. I guess this is my lifetime favorite hairstyle – a simple undercut with some loose upwards curled locks. If your hair type matches him, you should definitely try it out.

Before the classic undercut period, Joe used to have again a simple, yet stylish haircut I enjoy. This one I would say is suitable for diamond-shaped faces, so you can check if yours matches. I really like the undercut which is not so visible, but it gives a nice effect with this tiny fringe.

Lately, Nick Jonas got sick of having to style nice hairstyles, so he decided to shave his hair. I think that his cute face, the oval shape help him a lot since it is not suitable for everyone, you’d like to consider this before cutting it this short. But it’s the best haircut for the summer, so why not?!

Like his brother, he used to have a medium-length classic undercut before shaving his head. And I loved it a lot, again for the curly middle section that gives him a kind look. Curled guys who are reading this, you should definitely try this one!

Oh and here’s the younger Nick with his hair longer, his curls getting all the attention and suiting him like a glove. That’s a nice one also.

To my mind, Kevin is the most serious of them all and you can see that by looking at his haircut. Well, that’s a nice side sweep for a curly-haired one. I don’t think I’ve seen this too often and I really love it. I highly suggest you guys try this once because the shorter sides give you the freshness you’d need, while the fringe does all the look.

It’s quoted that all three brothers used to wear it like this years ago for their birthdays. Or? Well, I would show off my curled locks as well if I had some, so I understand their choice. For an oval face, this here is a very “on point” option.

I hope you guys enjoyed remembering Jonas’s brother’s hairstyles and maybe you found a suitable one for your style.

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