4 Cool Mens Hairstyles for Summer 2019

By | July 23, 2021

4 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2019

What better way to kick of the summer than to provide some really cool hairstyles. Check below for some cool pictures.

Cool Mens Hairstyles

The undercut look is proving very popular at the moment and styling the hair with a product like clay, gel, molding mud or cream gives the hair shape and style. It seems almost every male celebrity is rocking this haircut to some degree.

The characteristics of the undercut is a short side which either suddenly creates a defined line at a point further up the head or the hair on the side starts to taper near the top which then allows oneself to style the hair on top.

Cool Mens Hairstyles

The photo above is another example of an undercut with a defined line. The hair on the top is longer which makes the face look slightly stretched and the hair requires hair cream to keep it in shape.

Take into consideration how long you want your hair to be on the top, I suggest basing this on the shape of your head. A good hairdresser should be able to sculpt the haircut around the contour of your head anyway.

Cool Mens Hairstyles

This photo (see above) is a trendy look during sunny summers. Very few people can pull this off and it requires the hair to be naturally bouncy.

Cool Mens Hairstyles

The last photo in this collection is another short haircut which is rather nice for the summer.

If you’re like me and find that your hair often goes a little blonde when soaking up the sun during the summer, this style will most probably create a few blonde tints. This is a tapered haircut done in little layers, coupled with the wavy top and the haircut looks rather natural.

A good comb is most definitely needed when styling the hair and it’s best to comb just after you have applied some hair products.

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