4 Wavy Long Hairstyles for Men

By | June 14, 2021

4 Wavy Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hair takes time to grow (on average half an inch a month) and making sure that it looks healthy and vibrant is really down to what shampoos and conditioners one uses. A lot of ladies like long hair that’s a fact and so if your looking for that California dream look or perhaps a Miami vice (just kidding) look then check out below these really cool wavy long hairstyles for men pics.

Long Hairstyles for Men Wavy 1

So the person in this picture (above) happens to randomly look almost like the legendary musician Kurt Cobain which just happens to be a ironic coincidence because I was more interested in the flock of hair he was displaying. I really like the grunge look which is often popular with skaters and this hairstyle is spot on in portraying this. Make no mistake though the models hair is looking rather healthy and a good serum hairstyle aid will do the trick.

Long Hairstyles for Men Wavy 2

I’m seeing this next hairstyle (see above pic) more and more now. This haircut is tricky to maintain though and apart from needing a decent comb or hair brush you will also need a good strong mousse to keep the hold and style in place. You will want to add the mousse to the hair when the hair is still wet, this will allow the hair to keep its shape for longer while also providing a nice shine.

Long Hairstyles for Men Wavy 3

The third hairstyle pic is a very natural haircut one which is easy to manage. I like how the hair has been cut into different lengths and the hair just drapes over the ears. This hair is very wavy and because of this it doesn’t really need much doing to it, I think it looks better without any styling aids. It just requires using a comb to make a parting in the middle which you can do very quickly each time you’ve washed your hair. Best to make the parting when the hair is wet and then just let the hair dry naturally and the hair will create those waves during the drying stage.

Long Hairstyles for Men Wavy 4

This final hairstyle has certainly got some bounce to it. A good styling mousse  will add volume and a shine to the hair and is certainly recommended. This is certainly a surfer look which is often very popular if you love the beach life. The hairstyle could well require some sort of hair aid to keep it in place.

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