7 Best Hippie Hairstyle Images For Men

By | June 14, 2021

7 Best Hippie Hairstyle Images For Men

Hello, guys! How have you’ve been? We have been thinking lately about the good old times that existed and the hippie hairstyle people used to wear back in the day. That’s why we decided to write this article about the Hippie style and Mens Hippie Hairstyle. I’m pretty sure everybody has heard about this culture, but as a little reminder, I will mention that “Hippie is a member of a liberal counterculture, originally a youth movement that started in the United States and the United Kingdom during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world.”

Mens Hippie Hairstyles: An Overview

The 1970s was the year of the hippies. These hippies were attracting everyone’s attention. In fact, the fashion industry in the 1970s was greatly influenced by the presence of the hipsters. Due to the fact that the hypothesis of the hippies consists of adoration, independence, nature and peace, the entire hairstyles and fashion which showed up in the 1970s were likewise absolutely free, basic and exceptionally common. This only implies that men’s hairdos were likewise influenced by this hypothesis. Along these lines, the 1970s men haircuts had a tendency to have the most disparate and interesting hairdos compared to the previous ones. Those distinctive haircuts that men used had a casual appearance and had an extremely expressive feeling of flexibility. A standout amongst the most stylish hairstyles were the 1970s long hairdos. That was extremely odd! Men were getting used to trim their hair short or medium. Those long hairdos were the free straight hairstyles or even the wavy hairdos. Since that period, men began to wear haircuts the same as ladies. Next came the shaggy hairdos for men, which were exceptionally prominent among the high schoolers and also the guys in the 1970s. Those haircuts were created to be the 1970s short hairdos and additionally the long hairdos. With the time, layers were added to that sort of haircuts to give them the free shaggy look. Those hairdos had an exceptionally casual and relaxed appearance look.

Top 7 Hippie Hairstyles For Men

60S Hippie Hairstyle

Also, Hippies created their own groups, listened to head-spinning music, embraced the sexual movement, and used cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, and LSD to reach a state of euphoria. But that is just history. Their movement and style remained in history so that we could have a look back and take the best of what they left us: the hairstyles and the lifestyle.

Beach Hippie Hairstyle

As you will see, most of the Hippies used to wear long hair, sometimes messy, sometimes braided and almost all the time they had an accessory added to their hairstyle: a scarf, a hat, a feather or more, and so on. This one above is classified as medium length hair, but still keeping the Hippie touch. Their clothes represented their differentiating factor, so you could easily tell which one is a Hippie.

Easy Hippie Hairstyle

Dreadlocks were also part of the Hippie hairstyle and they are still in vogue among people who love this movement and want to keep it going today. We love these messy dreadlocks above because of its “I don’t care” attitude that it comes with. You should try it at least once in your life!

Short Hippie Hairstyle

As I mentioned earlier, the ones that can’t be missed from the Hippie hairstyles is the accessory. Adding a scarf to the hair not only makes it look cooler but also can keep the hair in place. Check the photos below to see what I’m talking about:

Hippie is not only about the hair, but about the clothes and fashion. But we’re here to talk about the hairstyles, so you can get an idea of inspiration for your next festival you’re attending.

Hippie Hairstyle Male

As you can see, long hair was the key component of being recognized as being a Hippie. This long, frizzy hairstyle is suitable not only for keeping up with the old trends, it is also trendy nowadays and this kind of hairstyle could be worn in everyday life – rooted in a ponytail or just like that, at whatever event you’re going to.

Hippie Hairstyle Tumblr

Maybe you’d like to add some highlights to your hair color too – that would be awesome!

Hippie Hairstyle Braids

A full hair dreadlocks style accompanied with a red ribbon can make a contemporary hippie guy look classy and stylish.

Influences On A Hippie Hairstyle

During the 70s, men’s hair was considered as a joy to behold. There was a slight variety consistently, from long,  short, bouffant, blow-dried, spiked, and colored. However, the vast majority have “overgrown” looks. Hairstyling was no longer for ladies only. In fact, there are now hair products which are designed essentially for guys and they are satisfied with them. Mustaches were in, even false facial hair was worn and acknowledged. The 1970s was regarded as a decade of hair!

One of the great influences of men’s hair during the mid-1960s was the Beatles. They started with the shaggy “mop top” hairstyle. After some time they chose to go hippie. This encouraged men to grow their hair as well as their facial hair.

However, some conservative individuals and organizations did not welcome long hair and facial hair. They considered it as ethically degenerate and off-base. In fact, there are a lot of cases worldwide wherein long-haired students were being prohibited from colleges or universities. There are even some companies who do not accept employees who have mustaches.

This prompted some guys to modify their style in order to “fit in”, most especially in conservative circumstances. At the same time, they also want to embrace this popular trend. In order to accomplish this, they utilize short-haired wigs to hide their long hair while working. Later on, this state of mind changed. Long hair and facial hair were being acknowledged as part of their daily lives.

Hair products dedicated for men have also started to emerge. It was accompanied by adverts joyfully expressing the advantages of utilizing their hair products. Hairsprays and other products which were typically created for ladies hairdressing were given manlike names, bundling, and fragrances. A lot of men were utilizing hairdryers in order to blow-dry their hair after shampooing them. It was then worthy to style, blow dry and style one’s hair, rather than simply having it trimmed and slicked back with a touch of Brylcreem.

Dreadlocks are common all throughout the history. It was worn by individuals from a wide range of societies and religions. However, in the 1970s it was the prevalence of reggae singers such as Bob Marley that made dreads popular. Marley’s dreads are considered as a part of his participation in the Rastafari movement. Dreadlocks can be deliberately formed by backcombing. However, it can also be created in a natural way by giving unbrushed hair a chance to curl, tangle and end up plainly twisted.

How To Make A Hippie Hairstyle

All through the early years of the 1970s, hippie culture was observed to be prevalent in the United States, particularly among individuals who are 18 years old and above. Several people are embracing free love and peace for all. Likewise, any other things that really made a hippie truly a hippie. Obviously, the most extraordinary thing about the hippie of the 60s and 70s was the manner in which they style their hippie hairdos. Typically, guys wore bell-bottoms and paired them with cotton shirts. Also, obviously, their hippie hair was quite often styled or perhaps not styled in a specific way.

The conventional hairstyle was truly very basic. Generally, they have long hair which was separated down at the center. It didn’t generally make a difference whether you had straight hair, curly hair, or very kinky hair. Long hair was genuinely the trend during that period. In fact, it wasn’t strange for guys to have their hair down to the center of their back. At the point when hair wasn’t being worn straight, it was generally some way or another tied up. Hippie guys weren’t antagonistic to wearing pigtails. This can keep the hair away for specific tasks. It turned out to be a fashionable look and remained as such during the 70s.

A hippie hairdo wouldn’t be complete without some kind of embellishment on the hair. Customarily, a headband or a scarf was worn around the brow. Others use any kind of fabric as long as it is a bit stretchy. Some may even use interlaced hemp or yarn. They were typically vivid and sometimes they matched with their outfit. In any case, they were very cool and absolutely a basic 70’s frill. African-American hippies, who normally didn’t have long and straight hair would frequently choose the Afro hairdo as their hippie hairstyle.

Hippie hairstyle for men has been in and out of the fashion industry for quite a long time. Yet because of the legendary class and dramatic look that they brought about, they haven’t been completely thrown out from the profundities of the fashion world. Hippie appearance brings an extensive variety of styles and looks particularly for men who can’t just stand in keeping up with a solitary style for a considerable length of time. This style is the complete opposite of a smart casual look.

Thank you for reading our article!

Peace & Love! 

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