9 Best Korean Men Hairstyle Trends

By | June 14, 2021

9 Best Korean Men Hairstyle Trends

South Korea is often at the forefront of fashionable Korean men’s hairstyle trends, well I would say Asia in general often leads the way and I thought I would create this article showcasing some of the interesting hairstyles worn by actors, singers, and models from South Korea.

Music, film and television dramas that are produced in South Korea are often exported around the world in particular to other Asian countries and countries like Japan and China can’t get enough of their actors and singers. The T.V drama Descendants of the Sun which is a captain in the special forces and which parts of it were filmed in Greece has been so popular in South Korea with recent viewership at 40% and in China, the first season has been streamed 1.5 billion times.

I have watched a few South Korean dramas before and the one thing that stands out to me compared to say a Japanese drama is South Korean dramas are grittier and the acting is often spot on.

With Korean men because of their dark hair you often find that they are often prepared to be bold to stand out, things like dying their hair is common and also chopping the hair and cutting it is a regular occurrence. Below is a good array of images with Korean men sporting different hairstyles.

What Makes Korean men hairstyle Unique

Asian men have numerous choices out there. If you are an Asian then try not to go into the cliché Asian bowl cut. A large portion of the hottest Korean superstars is donning hot Korean men’s hairstyles. These Asian propelled hairstyles are smooth, long, sexy, and extremely stylish. They are perfectly suitable for men who have straight hair with medium length, which is thin to medium in denseness.

Aside from shoes and outfits, hairstyles likewise are the epitome of one’s personality. It uncovers the whole character of a man. The fashionable hairstyle is very significant in American or European culture. Asian individuals are rapidly catching up with the more recent hairstyles. From China, Japan to Korea, glamorous Asian men haircuts are emerging all over the place. An essential aspect of Korean men’s hairstyle is that it is extensively permeable, which takes into consideration a simple flow of dampness. Thus making it appropriate for different sorts of haircuts. This implies that the style of your hair is actually all up to you. In the event that you don’t like it anymore then you can simply alter it.
With regards to innovative hairdos, nobody can do it better than Asian guys. Lots of Korean men hairstyle are motivated by Japanese salons. Typically, Asian men have thicker and longer hair. This is vital when considering a specific hairdo.

We comprehend that you are searching for a hairdo that will make you emerge. Choose a hairstyle based on your personality. Also, in case you need a hairdo that will fit your age, profession or business then you can certainly discover it here.

Here is our best collection of Korean Hairstyles for Men. We hope that you can discover your most loved hairstyle and get inspired!

 9 Best Korean Men Hairstyle Trends


The picture below is the South Korean singer Psy. There is a lot of slickness in this hairstyle and has a good length for creativity to be applied. It’s a smart hairstyle with a side parting.

Korean Men Hairstyle

Choi Si Won

Below is the South Korean singer-songwriter Choi Si Won and is a member of the band Super Junior. Another short hairstyle with a combed-over in the front.

Korean Men Hairstyles

James Kyson

James Kyson is a South Korean-born American actor, known for playing the Japanese character Ando Masahashi in the TV show Heroes. Here you can see that he has a very popular hairstyle which is easy to maintain.

Korean Men Hairstyle Catalogue

Steven Yeu

Steven Yeun is another South Korean-born American actor who starred in Walking Dead. A medium-length hairstyle that is slightly longer on top, a good cream-based styling aid will work wonders here.

Mens Korean Hairstyles

Korean Mens Short Hairstyle

Lee Byung-Hun

Lee Byung-Hun is a South Korean actor, below he has a short naturally cut hairstyle which is slick, spiky, most likely a clay-based styling aid was used to get this look. The short layered hairstyle is an energetic short Asian hairdo that is very simple to accomplish. With the tips of the hair decreased marginally and with delicate layering around the neckline, you can simply look incredible in this.

Korean Mens Hairstyle

Ahn Sung-Ki

Ahn Sung-Ki is a South Korean actor he has a nice wavy/curly hair which is has been styled naturally.

Korean Mens Hairstyle Tutorial

Chang-dong Lee

Chang-dong Lee is a South Korean director, screenwriter, and novelist. A very interesting hairstyle that is medium to long in length.

Korean Mens Hairstyle Names

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is wearing a stunning layered hairstyle. One of the most well-known styles is to keep the hair at the back longer and at the same time layered. The sides are trimmed such that they go to a point where the sideburns would look like a Caucasian. The fringe is turned to the side over the eye. Having a minimal perm can help create a few waves at the tips of the hair. Alternatively, run a little pomade through the hair to help with the use of your fingers in order make it emerge from the head slightly. This can make your hairstyle look like somewhat messy which has turned out to be well known the world over.

Mens Korean Hairstyle

Cool Korean Men Hairstyle

Korean hairdos for men have a tendency to incorporate a few of the most innovative hairstyles that regularly start from the hair salons. Korean hair can be smooth and fine, yet it is frequently solid, straight and dense so Korean haircuts for men need to consider the texture as well as the type of their hair.

Young guys are mostly aggressive and for undergrads who are just beginning to have genuine romantic affairs, offbeat Korean men hairstyle is one of the ways to show-off their style if they plan to emerge from the group!

Short Layered Hairstyles

Short layered Korean haircuts for men are a prominent energetic look, with the decreased tips and etched trimming that is ideal for forming and controlling dense, solid hair textures. The front quiff is the latest sexy style, and additionally delicate layering in longer styles that can cover-up the neckline.

Rough Layers

Furthermore, in case you’re a modern, imaginative sort of a person, try an inventive uneven layered Korean hairdo. This is designed for guys who are set out to appear as something else! Need to emerge from the group? An innovative Asian hairdo is suitable for your extrovert personality. This hairdo is appropriate for Korean men.

Proficient Haircuts

Obviously, you wouldn’t desire to attend a conference with rainbow-shaded hair. For businessmen who are in their 20’s or 30’s, a hairdo with a professional look is the best approach. Then again, a youthful businessperson would most likely pick a more professional Korean hairdo, for example, a traditional short hairstyle, however, accompanied with the sideburns should keep its length up to the earlobe in order to keep it in vogue.


This slick style can be diversified to achieve a more stylish look by trimming the sides so as it is very near the head and simply keeping a Mohawk on the highest point of the head or a complete Mohawk starting from the brow down to the neck.

Punky Asian Haircuts

Punky styles are the specialty of Japanese men. Additionally, there are dependably numerous Korean guys who love to be inventive! Looks can be achieved by trimming the hair into a buzzed hairstyle and accompanying it with rainbow shading highlights. This style is best known in Japanese Asian hairdos than in some other culture! Want to prove to the world that you are cool? If so, then why not apply a few colors to your hair? You can choose to utilize a momentary color or a lasting color in order to accomplish this look. There are various colors that you can choose. If you want to look stunning then try raising the top portion using a brush.

Messy Medium Hair

It is difficult to recognize a Korean student who is not rocking this medium  Korean men hairstyle. A simple medium hair is sufficient for this style. In order to achieve the best outcome, you will require some hair wax. Simply apply it appropriately so as to prevent losing the fabulousness of your hair.

Shaggy Haircuts

With the revival of the breathtaking shag-trim, Korean haircuts have achieved a new and creative look that is extraordinary for obtaining a deranged look that keenly undermines the social concept of compliance in Japanese culture! This style remains to be famous in Japanese culture, innovativeness and advancement are joined to achieve this Korean men hairstyle. The messier it gets, the better it looks!

Simple Haircut

This particular Korean men haircut is phenomenal for thick hair. Also, it has turned out to be more well known among Korean guys because of the thick nature of their hair. In order to draw out the best in you, just keep the hair somewhat wild and chaotic.

All round a very good set of images which show Korean men hairstyle is pretty much up for trying anything and are not shy in doing so. Asian hairstyles vary in style, you can either choose to go simple or enjoy a spiky hairstyle.

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