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Flowers with Mens Hairstyles and Beards

Flowers with Men’s Hairstyles and Beards   Do you remember Pierce Thiot, a photographer who has a thing for putting various objects into his beard? Apparently, he’s not the only one into this! Now, men around the world are putting beautiful arrangements of flowers into their beards. It’s hard to identify who started the trend, however,… Read More »

Surfer Hair For Men: Cool Beach Men’s Hairstyles

Surfer Hair For Men: Cool Beach Men’s Hairstyles BARBER CHRIS  APRIL 6, 2021 Surfer’s hair is often styled with a relaxed, tousled hairstyle. In fact, the men’s surfer haircut is inspired by the effects of the sun and ocean salt on a guy’s hair, resulting in a messy and wavy look. Although surfer hairstyles are… Read More »

Best Sporty Haircut Styles for Men

Best Sporty Haircut Styles for Men   15 Sporty Haircut Styles for Guys Short Buzz Cut. The buzz is a great choice for everyone. … Tousled Short Hair. A little dab of product is all you need. … Shaggy Fringe. Keep that fringe looking tousled. … The Tousled Quiff. … Cropped Hair & Beard. …… Read More »

Messy Hairstyles for Men

Messy Hairstyles for Men 28/11/2015 By Hairstyle Hello guys! How have you been? We’ve got a new theme chosen for you that we think you’re going to love. Every man’s dream: to look good without putting any effort in. Am I right, guys? If you’re one of those who hate to spend time trying to look good,… Read More »

Grey Hairstyles for Men

Grey Hairstyles for Men POSTED ON 12/04/2016 We all know that age is just a number and that nowadays men do their best to look as good as possible like women have been doing all their lives. Because age doesn’t matter, I thought about writing an article for older men too, because they may look… Read More »

Rockstar Hairstyles for Men

Rockstar Hairstyles for Men 14/01/2016 By Hairstyle A brief history through the rock style hairstyles. Alive or not, these rockstars we’re going to talk about made history in music and they have definitely put their fingerprint on the history of hairstyles for sure! Talking about the biggest legends regarding rock stars, these personalities are such an inspiration in music, life,… Read More »

Side Swept Hairstyles For Men

Side Swept Hairstyles For Men BARBER CHRIS  APRIL 6, 2021 Cool and casual, there are few styles that compare to side-swept hair. For many years, the side-swept hairstyle has proven to be a striking and popular look, most recently in the form of the side-swept undercut and side-swept fade. Trendy and modern, this haircut starts… Read More »

Week in Pictures – No 4

Week in Pictures – No 4 25/03/2018 By Best Styles Right, carrying on with the series Week in Pictures in this week’s article there were so many events that took place during the last week that I couldn’t resist adding a decent amount of images to this article. I have tried to pick out people who have some… Read More »

Tony Awards

Tony Awards 30/03/2018 By Best Styles The Tony Awards took place last Sunday and there were so many great hairstyles on show from different men of different ages that I really wanted to showcase a nice selection in this article. So I have 18 great images for your pleasure. For people who don’t know what the Tony Awards are it… Read More »