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Mens Braided Hairstyles

about Catwalk Inspired Men Hairstyles Mens Braided Hairstyles 17/02/2018 By Best Styles Once again it’s proven to us that hairstyle trends among females often become adopted by males as well. This is just so great to see that the barriers between the two sexes become to be less visible and transform into transparent ones. There’s no competition… Read More »

Catwalk Inspired Men Hairstyles

Catwalk Inspired Men Hairstyles 26/02/2018 By James Smith The days when being a model suited mostly women are long gone. Nowadays, some male models are even more appreciated and inspiring than many women ones. But that’s another discussion. We’re talking today about the hairstyles that male models have on the catwalk. Because they are the ones that… Read More »

Mens Hairstyles Festival Looks

Men’s Hairstyles Festival Looks 28/02/2018 By Best Styles Festivals are a nice way of spending our time, of getting relaxed, of being happy, and learning to ignore day-by-day life events. I guess there’s no one in this world that wouldn’t enjoy a festival. Of course, there are different festival types, for everyone’s taste and style and we… Read More »

Woodstock inspired Men Hairstyle

about Festivals – Band Hairstyles Part 1 Woodstock Inspired Men’s Hairstyles 13/03/2018 By Best Styles Hello again, muumuus! How you’ve been? All good? I hope so! Well, recently we talked about festival men hairstyles and more recently we approached the hippie culture as a reference to men’s hairstyles, this time I want to go deeper into the… Read More »

Festivals – Band Hairstyles Part 1

Festivals – Band Hairstyles Part 1 03/04/2018 By Best Styles Seeing as we are nearing the end of the summer I thought I would do a 2 part article that looks back from April this year to the present day and picks out some cool images of musicians or members of bands at festivals on stage performing… Read More »

The Undercut Hairstyle

The Undercut Hairstyle 14/04/2018 By Best Styles I recently did the article The Disconnected Undercut and at the time I was coming across other variations of the Undercut and I thought I would when I got the chance to compile another similar article that showed some more examples of the Undercut haircut. In this first image, we have Josh… Read More »

Short Black Men Hairstyles – Tidy Haircuts

Short Black Men Hairstyles – Tidy Haircuts 06/11/2016 By Best Styles Looking for an easy-to-maintain haircut, these short black men’s hairstyles pictures below are certainly worth checking out. Depending on the shape of your head, a grade 1 or 2 electric cut can really look rather decent, very easy to maintain and what’s even better is that… Read More »

Get the Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut look for 2019

Get the Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut to look for 2019 14/01/2018 By Ben Smith Surfs up or perhaps a little bit of lunch by the sea. How about rocking these Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut looks for the Summer. The haircut currently being worn by their male models for this summer’s collection consists of a side parting, not necessarily a traditional one. You will… Read More »

9 Celebrity Jewelry Trends in 2020

9 Celebrity Jewelry Trends in 2020 02/10/2019 By James Smith Fashion styles change fast alongside the actors most people look up to. This change includes their current taste in clothing and accessories which vary along with the seasons. Although this is true, some are seduced by the promise of familiarity of the safe and comfortable, especially in… Read More »

The Grooming Routine of Urbane Men Today

The Grooming Routine of Urbane Men Today 11/02/2020 By James Smith Men’s grooming is a gradually growing and innovative art that is being honoured today. It is not the question of being amoral or dissolute. The urbane men of today are indulging or rather love to overindulge in personal grooming. As a greater number of people are… Read More »