Best Sporty Haircut Styles for Men

By | July 29, 2021


15 Sporty Haircut Styles for Guys
  • Short Buzz Cut. The buzz is a great choice for everyone. …
  • Tousled Short Hair. A little dab of product is all you need. …
  • Shaggy Fringe. Keep that fringe looking tousled. …
  • The Tousled Quiff. …
  • Cropped Hair & Beard. …
  • Side-Slicked Hair. …
  • The Caesar. …
  • Medium Curly Crop.

1. Short Buzz Cut

sporty haircut style buzzed

The buzz is a great choice for everyone.

You can never go wrong with a buzz cut! This sporty style looks good on everyone. We also like extra details like a cleaned-up hairline that can make this haircut look even sharper.

2. Tousled Short Hair

sporty haircut style textured

A little dab of product is all you need.

For something a little less clean-cut, try out a tousled crop. This cut is great for guys with wavy and curly hair types who don’t want to wear their hair long. It’s just long enough to show your natural hair texture without your hair being the focal point of your look. To get this cool and casual style, just rake a little Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel throughout your hair and go.

3. Shaggy Fringe

sporty haircut style shaggy fringe.

Keep that fringe looking tousled.

We’re all about guys with fringe, so long as the cut isn’t too perfect. Hair that goes straight across your forehead looks a little too much like a bowl cut. Bowl cuts are totally cool, by the way, but maybe not all that sporty. You can keep your fringe from looking flat by gently roughing it up during the day.

4. The Tousled Quiff

sporty haircut style casual quiff.

This style may get smushed under a hat, but wax is moldable all day.

Or, for a different longer look, try out a casual quiff. Unlike the very put-together classic quiff, the casual quiff doesn’t need a lot of extra effort. If you’ve dried your hair correctly to get that angled bend (with or without a hairdryer), all you need to do is set it in place. We like to use Bed Head For Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to roughly define this look.

5. Cropped Hair & Beard

sporty haircut style all over crop.

For men with beards.

A fresh look for guys with facial hair is the cropped look. Basically, you keep your hair and your beard close enough to the same length. This will give you a really clean-cut look that’s equally easy to maintain.

6. Side-Slicked Hair

sporty haircut style side slicked.

An updated take on slicked hair.

We’re always going to be a fan of the preppy side-slicked hair look. But, to keep this from getting too little league, you’ll need to make one purposeful change. Instead of combing straight down on both sides of your part, you’ll combat an angle. This keeps your hair out of your face and ages up this sporty haircut.

7. The Caesar

sporty haircut style caesar.

The caesar cut will give you a vintage vibe.

The Caesar haircut is pretty much exactly what you would picture. It boils down to a short crop with a very short fringe covering the top of your hairline. This old school (really old school) haircut isn’t for every face shape, though. Guys with rounder faces should avoid this cut, but for guys with more angular features, you’ve got to give it a go.

8. Medium Curly Crop

sporty haircut style curly medium cut.

For men with textured hair.

If you really want to show off your unique texture, you’ll need to go for a slightly longer look. Keeping your hair generally above your ears or tapered at the sides will keep the look from getting too shaggy. We do suggest wearing your hair a bit longer on top so you can show off your awesome curls.

9. Curly Top Crop

sporty haircut style curly top.

Curly tops are a yes in our book.

For guys with a tighter curl structure, we suggest this slightly longer curly top look. Instead of, say, the flat top hairstyle, this curly top lets your curls shine. Tapered (or shaved!) sides help to give this look more shape to suit your face and style.

10. Slicked Back

sporty haircut styles slicked bacj

Slick it back for a quick and sultry style.

Create a slick and high-shine style in a pinch. Use some Dove Men + Care Control Gel to get the sleek finish and hold needed to maintain this look. Use a generous amount to really make this style pop.

11. Messy Hairstyle

sporty haircut style bed head

Try the sexy bedhead look.

Up late but have a game the next day? Rock this bedhead look.  This style is best for dudes with a medium crop haircut. All you need to do is define the top of your hair a little bit and go on your way. Take Axe Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste between your fingers and pull your hair upwards. The key to making this style work for you is picking individual pieces of hair to highlight, not all of your hair.

12. Half-Up Man Bun

sporty haircut style man bun undercut.

An undercut is always a good idea.

If you want to wear your hair a bit longer, try the man bun. If you really want to make it a sporty haircut, we suggest adding an undercut to the mix. This makes having longer hair much more comfortable, trust us. You can get all of your hair off your neck and look cool with shaved sides.

13. Almost Totally Shaved Down

sporty haircut style very short crop.

This very shortcut works from the boardroom to the field.

Having just a dusting of very closely shaved hair is a strong, confident look. It’s taking a buzz cut to the next level! Just like longer buzz cuts (and maybe even more important here), you’ll want to get a sharp hairline. It takes this cut from an at-home DIY look to a sharp and, dare we say, classy style.

14. Short Man Pony

sporty haircut style man pony

Braiding optional.

Lastly, we couldn’t miss out on the man pony. This sporty haircut style is for dudes with shoulder-length hair where you can effortlessly pull your hair back as you play your sport of choice. To achieve this style, simply put your hair into a ponytail and then create a simple three-strand braid down your hair, closing off with a hair tie.

15. Messy Quiff

sporty haircut styles messy quiff

Go for a messy, carefree style.

This is one of our fave sporty haircut styles! We love the messy quiff for its carefree and stylish finish. The best part about creating this style is that it doesn’t require much thought, just have fun with it and use your hands to messily apply the product.

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