Black Men Hairstyle Trends

By | June 14, 2021

Black Men Hairstyle Trends

Its been a long time since there has been a Black Men Hairstyle Trends update.

So I figured out that it’s time to give you a little update regarding the celebrities in the music and movie industry and their hairstyles. We gathered together for you a selection of photos with the best hairstyles seen at the most recent events. Are you ready for an update?

The first person to impress us was Blue Kimble, he is known as an actor and producer. Simplicity seems to be the key in the latest trends in hairstyles. The expression “less is more” starts to make more and more sense. And this could only be good for you guys, that don’t like to bother too much when it comes to styling your hair. By choosing the easy and simple way, your not only keeping up with the trends, but your also making your job easier. Additionally, the summer is here, so it’s another advantage to have your hair shaved like this cool actor. Maybe the area that would need some attention is your beard. You have to take care of it!

Sean Combs, the American hip hop artist known also as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy was present at the  84th Annual Academy Awards, so we had the chance to get this recent picture with his latest haircut. Again, simplicity combined with a little extra style. Who would have thought that a line added to your haircut can make such a difference? Well, it seems like that’s how it works, so call your hairstylist for a quick appointment to cut an extra line in to your hair. One gotta do what he’s gotta do if he wants to keep up with the trends.

The American actor Michael B. Jordan is another celebrity that surprised us with his taste of style and the choices he made. Big up from us! Michael B. J. has the coils hair type, so keeping it this short gives a different effect on the overall look. That straight line makes the contour of the entire haircut soooo magnificent! The faded effect applied on the sides also gives a specific impact. What can I say more? I love it!


50 cent – what a legend! I’m sure you’ve all had your “Rap/Hip Hop” times and 50 Cent was always in your playlist and in your top favorite artists. Well, after all these years he still managed to catch our attention with something. This time it was his perfect match of hairstyle and his beard. They really look complementary and reveal so much style! I love it, what about you?

Wiz Khalifa – such a presence! His style is similar to Snoop Dogg – another cool and loved figure all over the world. But today we admire Khalifa’s hairstyle – a daring combination of colors mixed with some cool, subtle dreadlocks. A different approach and yet a trendy one! Big up, Wiz Khalifa!

On the same direction, Jason Derulo is another fan of dreadlocks. With his sides shorter, a little faded effect and a pony tail, this guy left us speechless. What an incredibly different approach of wearing dreadlocks!

The last, but not the least, Tyga – spotted at the 2nd Annual Diamond Ball hosted by Rihanna and the Clara Lionel foundation. Another celebrity, another simple and clean haircut. The only difference here is the hair length on the middle, upper side – it suits him perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this article with the latest trends in the Black Men section. Stay tuned for more!

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