Buzz Cut Hairstyle

By | June 14, 2021

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

In this article today I thought I would touch on the Buzz Cut hairstyle. The Buzz Cut can be any type of short haircut which has been cut with electric clippers and you will see in the variety of images selected for this article that the way they can be finished varies.

Funnily enough, I ended up getting a Buzz Cut done yesterday at the barbers and I ended up with a grade just above a 0.5 so it depends on how short you want to go.

Aaron Paul judging by the haircut I got yesterday is sporting a haircut which looks like a grade 0.75 to 1, slightly longer than mine. In only a short period of time I have come to find a Buzz Cut very practical when the weather is hot and Sunny. It’s also rather liberating as you don’t have to worry about styling your hair in the morning or worrying about your hair being out of place.

I got a Buzz Cut because my hair is starting to recede and I’m going bald at the back but I haven’t really worried about going bald and thought I would take the plunge early and celebrate this fact by going short.

12/10/2012 – Aaron Paul

Over the last 24 hours I have noticed that we men often get rather attached to our hair, in fact when I was in the barbers last night there was a chap before me who had really curly black hair and it was being trimmed while I was sitting there but he still kept to a medium length.

It’s interesting how will all have varied hair styles and we stick with perhaps the same hairstyle for years. One of the reason’s why less people decide to try the Buzz Cut is because it can portray you sometimes in a different light. What I mean by this is that when I was at school boys couldn’t have a grade lower than a 2 and in the work place it can often be unacceptable sometimes to have a really low haircut.

I know times have changed but even in the corporate world, it can still be a bit risky. It’s because the Buzz Cut can be associated with a particular type of man who lets just say may stray on the wrong side of the law. I know I shouldn’t stereotype but I’m sure I’m talking sense here.

02/26/2005 – Jake Gyllenhaal

I can also understand why some people find it hard to accept that there hair is falling out and I respect people going down the root of hair transplants or even just trying to maintain what they have. Everyone is uniquely different, for me though I couldn’t get my head around the patch at the back and I just thought, heck lets liberate matters and go short.

This image of Dwayne Johnson is interesting in the fact that you can see how the hairline as been raised in order to get that style and contour.

11/14/2009 – Dwayne Johnson

This leads me on to the next point about head shapes. A Buzz Cut sort of only works if you have the head shape for it and if you don’t then it’s maybe not your thing. For me I am lucky in the fact that my head shape isn’t so bad and I can just about get away with it.

This is the second time I have cut my hair really short, the first time I had a grade 2 and in that instance the haircut didn’t look so good, but this time with a grade 0.5 is not bad at all. I’ll probably stick to this hairstyle from now on.

01/26/2013 – Channing Tatum

05/14/2015 – Wentworth Miller

04/17/2015 – Zayn Malik

02/17/2012 – Robert Pattinson

05/07/2015 – Tom Hardy

Just to give you heads up, but if you decide to have a Buzz Cut just remember that the trips to the barber will increase if you want to maintain that tidiness and style. I used to have my hair cut every 4 weeks, then it became every 3 weeks and now I know I’ll have to head to the barbers once a week.

It can be different for every person so best to judge it after the first week and go from there.


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