Catwalk Inspired Men Hairstyles

By | July 28, 2021

Catwalk Inspired Men Hairstyles

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The days when being a model suited mostly women are long gone. Nowadays, some male models are even more appreciated and inspiring than many women ones. But that’s another discussion. We’re talking today about the hairstyles that male models have on the catwalk. Because they are the ones that set the trends, or, ok, the designers they represent, I thought this could be a very interesting topic to have here, on

If you have watched fashion presentations or shows, you will have noticed that the models have a particular hairstyle, different than the day-to-day ones. And that’s the good part. If we can get inspired by these hairstyles, it means we can learn how to have a cool, uncommon hairstyle in our everyday life. Who wouldn’t wish that?

Of course, their attitude makes up 80% of their looks, but the hairstyle or haircut helps too. If you’re cool with leaving your middle section of hair to grow a little longer, then you can get this old-school-ish hairstyle and adapt it to your personality. Easy, right?

It seems that the rebel, careless-like hairstyles have a bigger impact on the catwalk, so you will see that many of the male models have it. This makes your life even easier since you won’t have to give that special attention to styling your hair in the morning and just get out of bed straight into your activities.

It makes total sense to style your hairstyle depending on your plans like if you have an important meeting to attend or an interview, you’d like to give your hair a bit more care and use some styling products. You’re lucky you found the inspiration for this.


Medium, straight hair doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to keep in mind that you’re in control of your look and attitude. You might need just the perfect vision of it, so that you can get started and put it on you!

This is a Pompadour hairstyle with an undercut, carefully prepared for the catwalk. If they can do it, you can do it as well! It’s that easy!

You just need to figure out how to use your comb and have a bit of patience in order to get that perfectly arranged hair, that creates an obvious harmony.

Surfer hairstyles never die! It works totally fine on easily curved hair as well as straight hair. This is the kind of hairstyle that doesn’t need that much attention, so it might be one of your favorites.

The greatest fact here is that the hairstyles we showed you don’t require a specialist to make them look like these in the photos. We’re talking here about styling the hair, not getting it cut. So you can try this yourself at home and see whether you like it or not and the next time you’re going to a wedding, you’ll know how to style your hair in order to rock the floor!

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