27+ Best Jonas Brothers Inspired Hairstyles that are Trending Now [2019]

These guys are the ones I used to watch on Disney Channel back in the days when they starred in one cute TV show for young teenagers. I even fell in love with one of them after watching the Camp Rock movie and I used to be a big fan of him. Now I kind of forgot about them, but I realized they used to have a pretty good taste of style and they still do. So I decided to check … [Read more…]about 27+ Best Jonas Brothers Inspired Hairstyles that are Trending Now [2019]

Rocking that Hairstyle in your 60’s

So your about to hit 60 and your wondering what hairstyle should I go for or you in your 60’s and you fancy some inspiration. Well, I have compiled a few pictures of well-known men who are in their sixties and for one article only (just kidding) you can check out the pics to see what interests you! All the images below were taken around 2016, so there pretty … [Read more…]about Rocking that Hairstyle in your 60’s

Latino Vibes – Hairstyle Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but in my mind, I have always associated summer with Latino faces. Like they are the representatives of summer and they are our guiders to this season’s hairstyle trends and style. This is the reason I chose to present you with some of the most inspiring faces and haircuts in the Latino world and share some Latino vibes. Vamos! First of all, Diego Boneta, … [Read more…]about Latino Vibes – Hairstyle Inspiration

Elegant Looks – Ed Westwick Hairstyle Inspiration

When speaking about elegant choices, one of the first faces that come into my mind is Ed Westwick’s style. From haircuts to fashion and attitude, this guy is elegance itself, in my opinion. So why don’t you go forward with this article and surprise your friends next time with a breathtaking elegant hairstyle? I picked up the most inspirational ones, so it won’t be that easy to … [Read more…]about Elegant Looks – Ed Westwick Hairstyle Inspiration

The Evolution of a Haircut – Jared Leto

Jared Leto, the American actor, singer-songwriter, and director is an interesting man to analyze from a hairstyle point of view. Due to his many shifts regarding his look, you can see with him how much a hairstyle could help you look better and how important it is to pay a little more attention to it. I appreciate this man’s efforts and courage to try so many haircuts and hair … [Read more…]


Joe Jonas Inspired Hairstyles

A famous singer, a talented actor, and a public figure, Joe Jonas is a person you can’t help but notice when walking down the street. You might recognize him from the Camp Rock movie, a Disney Channel production, or the famous band he started with his brothers: The Jonas Brothers band. Joe has always paid special attention to his looks, so he managed to steal our hearts with his … [Read more…]about Joe Jonas Inspired Hairstyles

Gossip Girl inspired Men Hairstyles

Throwback to good ol’ times when I used to watch this TV show, suffering and enjoying together with the characters. For people who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a teen drama TV series, based on the books of Cecily von Ziegesar. The typical American high school life with a lot of drama, friendships breaking and haters gossiping among the elite of Upper East Siders. I highly … [Read more…]about Gossip Girl inspired Men Hairstyles

Tony Awards

The Tony Awards took place last Sunday and there were so many great hairstyles on show from different men of different ages that I really wanted to showcase a nice selection in this article. So I have 18 great images for your pleasure. For people who don’t know what the Tony Awards are it is annual Theatre award show held in New York that celebrates the best Actors, … [Read more…]about Tony Awards

Week in Pictures – No 4

Right, carrying on with the series Week in Pictures in this week’s article there were so many events that took place during the last week that I couldn’t resist adding a decent amount of images to this article. I have tried to pick out people who have some interesting hairstyles and some of the men have really short haircuts but I have not added them to the website before so I … [Read more…]about Week in Pictures – No 4

Celebrities Choice – Side Sweep Hairstyle

Hello hello, dear readers! How is your summer? I am writing this article from under the trees in my hammock in the backyard, so I can say mine is going pretty well. With the inspiration coming from this relaxing place, I want to talk today about the side sweep hairstyle and show you some celebrities who adopted it at best. Let’s see what I mean! Ryan Gosling, the man who … [Read more…]

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