Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

By | June 14, 2021

Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

The Crew Cut hairstyle has always been a very popular haircut to go for and if you thinking of trying this hairstyle out then below I have compiled a selection of images for you to check out and ignite your interest.

The features of the haircut are particularly center around the hair is short and also the top of the hair being short and upright.

The front of the hair is also upright and you will see below that there can be many variations and styles of the crew cut. You can have a very short front and the hair on the sides can be tapered as well.

A crew cut is a simple hairstyle that is neat, clean, and tidy and very easy to maintain and style.

This hairstyle has been around since the 18th century and is often referred to as the short pompadour, it’s because of its track record that this haircut is often the first choice for many men.

The style is synonymous with the classic Ivy League look which has endured since the 1950s and 60’s and I certainly recommend trying this hairstyle it really works well for all types of head shapes.

01/25/2016 – Chris Hemsworth

12/10/2010 – Cam Gigandet

05/17/2010 – Jake Gyllenhaal

01/10/2010 – David Beckham

07/21/2008 – Christian Bale

04/11/2007 – Ryan Gosling

10/10/2014 – Channing Tatum

06/22/2016 – Professor Green

01/05/2011 – Zac Efron

Let us know what other types of hairstyles/haircuts you would like us to feature!

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