Dua Lipa Hairstyles, Pics, How to Cut

By | August 20, 2021

Dua Lipa Hairstyle is attracting the fans, they wanted to know the secrets of such adorable hairstyle and haircut. Fans are excited to know where and how she gets her hairstyle and looks. We decided to bring a roadmap and step-by-step guide for Dua Lipa excited fans. Hope you all are excited to know about Lipa’s latest hairstyle and lifestyle. Dua had done so much experiment with edgy cuts and out-of-the-box colors. She was never afraid for trying any new trend and that is why fans love her so much. You guys also get attracted to her new styles and all.Dua Lipa Hairstyle

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Lipa is a very popular English singer, songwriter, and model who gained a lot of fanbase in a very short period of time. However, Lipa started singing when she was five years old. Lipa started her career in the field of music in the year 2013 and did song many songs, managed to gain 70.6m followers on Instagram handle. A famous personality told that Dua gets results out of other people as well because her personality is so engaging. There is something special in Dua Lipa. Without wasting your time, Let’s have a look at this informative article about Dua Lipa Hairstyle and lifestyle.

Dua Lipa Hairstyle – During Her ChildhoodLipa as Kid

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Dua Lipa was born on August 22,  1995, in London, England. At the very early age of 25, she got a name and fame in the UK. Dupa parents are Anesa and Dukagjin Lipa. She has a sister and brother named Rina and Gjin Lipa respectively. Dua grown up in West Hampstead is an area in London.


As her father was also the lead singer and guitarist of the Kosovan rock band Oda. Now it’s time to talk about Dua Lipa Hairstyle in her child’s age. As you will observe in the first image, she has black hair in a very weird manner like Her mother does not take care of Dua Lipa. But when she grown-up about the age of five years, displaying a second picture looking so adorable in a combo of Bob cut and ponytails. She got her primary education at Fitzjohn’s Primary School. After the age of 15, she entered Parliament Hill School. In the next part, you will get the Dua Lipa Hairstyle in the present time.

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Dua Lipa Hairstyle – After Being Celebrity

At the beginning of her career, Lipa uses to keep classic cut and color combo, long locks in a glossy cocoa shade. We fans love her shiny and edgier aesthetic that she used to keep always.

                                                                          1.The Cleopatra

The name of this haircut is Cleopatra, it’s almost similar to the Bob cut. In this hairstyle, you will have to color your hair in Midnight Black however it is also known as Midnight Black Bob.

                                                                      2.The Mullet

Lipa revealed once that this is not a haircut, it is bleach but I’m running with it. Basically in this, you have to color your hair in Blonde and Black. Blonde on the top of the hair and backside will be black as shown in the picture.

As you know during the quarantine period lipa tried so many trends and in that queue, she colored her hair in a baby pink shade. The main ingredients color is Bubblegum which people avoid having this DIY hair color trend.

Dua Lipa Hairstyle color was changing in the rainbow colors day by day, in that journey now she tried peach from pink after every few weeks. Give your reviews on her such unstable hairstyle, hair color, and haircut during corona time. If you guys are having any doubt regarding her hairstyle, feel free to ask in the comment section. We used to post regularly on celebrities’ hairstyles and lifestyles, visit our website for regular updates.

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