Elegant Looks – Ed Westwick Hairstyle Inspiration

By | July 28, 2021

Elegant Looks – Ed Westwick Hairstyle Inspiration

When speaking about elegant choices, one of the first faces that come into my mind is Ed Westwick’s style. From haircuts to fashion and attitude, this guy is elegance itself, in my opinion. So why don’t you go forward with this article and surprise your friends next time with a breathtaking elegant hairstyle? I picked up the most inspirational ones, so it won’t be that easy to choose one, but you can take baby steps and try all of them on different occasions.

Ed Westwick, the imposing actor who made himself known by his role in the Gossip Girl TV show, the typical American teenage drama followed by thousands of girls around the world. Ed was always the adept of an elegant look, no matter the situation he’s been to. If you’re the elegant type too and you’d like to change your haircut with one of the following, then you should start with leaving your hair a bit longer, to have it cut the way you prefer from the options we’ll give you. This first one is a head-turner and you’re gonna need some subtle curls to give your hairstyle the same sexy charm. Save this picture and show it to your hairstylist next time you visit him!

One of the most visible and noticeable changes Ed made regarding his haircut is adding some highlighted locks, which I believe to be extremely attractive and hot. Keeping the same elegance at the core, but mixing it up with some messiness, this hairstyle is one of my favorites due to the mentioned reasons. I think you’ll be rocking the floor with this one!

In the hot summer days, you’d like to give a little freedom and space to your forehead, so you can do the same as Ed Westwick and keep the haircut, but style your upper side over your head and fix it so that it won’t bother your sun tanning at the pool.

He has also had the straighter version of the same hairstyle, so if you have the straight hair type, then you don’t need to bother to curl your hair for getting this trendy hairstyle. But make sure to separate your hair into lots with some hair wax, to get this Latino sexy look Ed has in this photo below.

The actor also started from the classics, so maybe you’d like to try this one – the classic surfer haircut, personalized with some messy upper locks and a subtle fringe over one side. This is one of a kind, guys, so you’ll get the attention of every girl when walking down the street.

The good guy Ed managed to look elegant even with this simple, no effort at all haircut he used to have back in the days. The contour line seems to make all the special wow on this one, so if your face shape matches he – the round one, then you should look as awesome as he did back then!

Now you know how to turn heads, all you have left to do is choose the perfect hairstyle for you and maybe share it with us!

Xoxo, S.

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