Get the Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut look for 2019

By | July 27, 2021

Get the Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut to look for 2019

Surfs up or perhaps a little bit of lunch by the sea. How about rocking these Ralph Lauren Men’s Haircut looks for the Summer.

Mens Haircut - Ralph Lauren 1

The haircut currently being worn by their male models for this summer’s collection consists of a side parting, not necessarily a traditional one. You will need a decent comb/brush and some decent products to style with. I suggest some mouse or cream instead of clay as you will need to hold that shape in preparation for the outdoor elements.

Well … i’ll throw it out there and suggest your haircut won’t be complete without a typical Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt or something that looks just as good, only kidding, to be honest, this type of haircut goes well with any bit of clothing and that statement is testament to the last two pics in the article.

Mens Haircut - Ralph Lauren 2

The haircut as you can see from the photo above looks great when wearing a suit. To get this hairstyle look you will need to apply a styling aid to the hair once the hair has dried. Using your hands I would shape the hair in the direction you want it to go in. Once the hair is beginning to settle into the shape I would then use a comb to go over the area creating a neat and tidy finish.

Be careful in making sure the hair is not flat at this point as you want to add some volume to it. This will only happen if you have managed to apply the right amount of styling aid (too much and the hair will fall flat) to the hair. Also, you need to fluff up the hair through the use of your hands or a hairdryer.

Mens Haircut - Ralph Lauren 3

The last photo reminds me of what an Ivy League student looks like. This image is what Ralph Lauren tries and portrays in their marketing images, I like this haircut because it’s very simple to style and it looks smart.

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