Goku Hairstyles – Photos, How To Cut

By | August 11, 2021

Goku Hairstyle is a very famous haircut among anime fans. You can not believe this manga weekly series is thirty-eight years old and still popular among fans. You can imagine the popularity of the series that after so many years fans still searching for his hairstyle and how to cut. However, Goku or Kakarot used to change his haircut from time to time but still people like his every style. If you also want to cut your hair like Goku, No worries, we had brought this article to give you a complete guide about Goku Hairstyle. Soon Goku’s fans will also look like Goku Kudos..!!Goku Hairstyle Recent

Many fans always ask on different platforms that..is it possible to get a Goku-like hairstyle. To know the answer of this question and to get cut like Goku Hairstyle read this article. If you have a look over the recent image, it is having many spikes in the Goku hairstyle but a few years back it contains only three spikes on the left side of his head and five on the right. Without wasting much time, read this article to know the secrets of his haircut. Let’s explore this amazing article to cut your hair like Goku and a roadmap to get a hairstyle the same as Goku.

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Goku Hairstyle – First Appearance Chapter #1

Goku First Appearance

Before disclosing the secrets behind the Goku haircut, first know his past hairstyle, haircut, and his appearance. Goku is one of the casts of famous comic books and later turns into anime named Dragon Ball. The awesome story of Dragon Ball was inspired by the popular classical 16th Chinese novel Journey to the West with a combined storyline of Hong Kong martial arts films. Son Goku or better know as Goku is the primary protagonist of the Dragon  Ball manga series.

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During the first appearance, Goku appears as a monkey-tailed child adopted by hermit martial artist Gohan. As you will observe in the above image Goku is having three spikes on the left and five on the rights side in black color. You will be amazed after knowing that Goku had kept the same hairstyle, does not change in length or shape throughout the course of the series. But yeah He had changed only the color of hair from time to time. We had brought an image with all the forms of Goku in order to impact.

Goku Forms

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Goku Hairstyle – Recent look and Haircut

As you can see in the above images, it is having a uniform length and is styled into variations of spikes that stand out of his head. Goku many times goes under so many transformations, but never changed his hairstyle, Keeping it common. In the picture, Goku is having black hair from the left and consecutive three blonde hair than red blue and again returns to black. You may observe the common thing is Goku Hairstyle having same spike and order as three on left and five on right. The spike appears broad at the base.

Now it’s time to reveal the secret of Goku Hairstyle, How to cut. If you really want to have a hairstyle like Goku the follow given steps:-

  1. Grow your hair too long on the back side and medium size in front.
  2. Now long hair is like a base gets a simple cut like an image of Goku.
  3. Get artificial hair and roll it like spikes.
  4. You have to arrange perfect hair glue to stick the spikes.
  5. Make sure your base hair is dry to stuck spikes properly.
  6. Now apply hair glue on the base side of the artificial spikes.
  7. Make sure three spikes on the left side and five on right.
  8. Kudos..!! You had gained Goku Hairstyle.


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