Gossip Girl inspired Men Hairstyles

By | July 28, 2021

Gossip Girl inspired Men Hairstyles

Throwback to good ol’ times when I used to watch this TV show, suffering and enjoying together with the characters. For people who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a teen drama TV series, based on the books of Cecily von Ziegesar. The typical American high school life with a lot of drama, friendships breaking and haters gossiping among the elite of Upper East Siders. I highly recommend watching it at least once in your life (I watched it twice) – especially in the high school period of your life. Gossip Girl was pretty rich in handsome male cast members and I thought presenting you some of them here, to get some hot inspiration. Enjoy!

The first one and probably the most famous character, Chuck Bass, the idol of every teenager and not only, by his real name Ed Westwick is one of the main opulent guys who breathe drama at every step of his life. He’s been through some changes regarding hairstyles over the years, but I chose the most recent one. In the photo above, Ed seems to have changed his hair color to a lighter one, giving him a warmer look. Suitable for diamond face shapes, this wannabe Pompadour, with shorter sides and a longer middle section looks incredibly cool with curly-ish hair. This is a very nice transformation that we encourage you guys to try – changing your hair color.

Nate Archibald, the man doll or the male Barbie version is the nice guy of this TV show and the one that all the girls are fighting for. Years later, he became not that innocent, growing his beard, he now looks like a grown man, still hot and trendy. A simple haircut, with some messy locks here and there, that suits his round-ish face.

Dan Humphrey – the outsider of the rich world, he’s been trying during the episodes to fit into their society. A handsome man with curled hair and a fabulous hairstyle. Split on one side in a classy way, this hairstyle looks amazing on this hair type. Combined with a neat beard, this is just wow!

Another Humphrey man, the father of the one above, is the adult who, at his age (in the tv show) seems to be one of the teenagers, being a cool ex-musician. Now keeping the same air of youth, Matthew Settle is adept of a simple, medium-length hairstyle that fits his face shape.

Playing the role of a prince, Hugo Becker, a French actor transmits the French air through his attitude and eyes. Keeping it simple, in a short-length hairstyle with almost equal sides, he succeeds to bring back a haircut that I, personally, haven’t seen lately.

Sebastian Stan, a Romanian actor (proud to write that, since I am a Romanian too), the macho man and idol of many women, has recently starred in some very good and famous movies – like Captain America Civil War. With this classy hairstyle with a medium hair length, he is definitely turning heads wherever he goes.

The last but not least, the temptation of one of the main female characters in Gossip Girl, Kevin looks very much like Sebastian, the above-mentioned guy. This one goes for a different styling of his hairstyle – split into 3 parts, the middle section being tucked over the head, to the back. Nice one, Kevin!

That was it. I hope you’d think about making some changes, being inspired by the cool hairstyles in this article.

Xoxo, S.

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