Indian Men Hairstyles

By | June 14, 2021

Indian Men Hairstyles

With the success of Bollywood, there are many successful Indian male actors and Indian celebrities who are also trend setters in their own right. Bollywood movies are about action, drama, music and glamour and its no different for the men as well.

Some of the biggest stars have nearly 20 million followers on Twitter, so a lot of people are interested in what their up to daily and what styles their rocking.

Below is a varied selection of models and actors who are sporting some interesting hairstyles.

Arjun Rampal has straight hair which he has combed backwards. The hair is in great condition and is very dapper.

Amitabh Bachchan, wow in this picture his hair is really going places. Its full of volume and the hair settles nicely at the front.

Ritesh Deshmulch has free flowing wavy hair which covers his ears.

Shekhar has an very orthodox hairstyle which is pretty ordinary, straight and casual.

Fareed Zakaria again has a naturally curly haircut which is really frizzy and curly. A stylish a cut with short sideburns.

Shah Rukh Khan again a naturally curly medium length hair with fall to either side.

Here is Shahrukh Khan again with thick black hair, medium length on sides and the top. There is a quiff and the hair is spiky.

Abhishek Rai Bachhan to finish off this article has a nice and tidy medium in length hairstyle which is thick in texture and has bounce.

From this collection its obvious that Indian men look after their hair, it must be the warm climate that India often experiences that conditions the hair strands.

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