Jennie Kim Hairstyle – Photos, How To Cut

By | August 12, 2021

Jennie Kim Hairstyle is such a famous haircut in South Korea as well as in World. Many fans were requesting to bring an article about Kim a popular rapper, her lifestyle, haircut, and hairstyle. You may know this most popular rapper and a singer by her pretty name ‘Jennie’. Kim was born and grown up in South Korea only and debuted as a member of the girl group Blackpink under YG ENTERTAINMENT  in August 2016. In a very short period of time, just four to five years gained a lot of fanbases and became popular in the field of rapping. Most of her fans, always being flat on her due to such stunning haircuts, hairstyle, and personality.

Jennie Kim Hairstyle

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The stunning young girl from South Korea has made such a large amount of fanbase in his own country as well in the world in the last two to three years. She had mostly transformed her haircut, hair color, always try to be the topic of discussion among fans. You guys are also excited to know her hairstyle, haircut, and how to cut, your wait is over now. We have brought an amazing article regarding Jennie Kim Hairstyle, her hair color, and the secrets of her gorgeous outfit and look. Let’s explore this article for details about Jennie Kim Hairstyle and her lifestyle.

Jennie Kim Hairstyle – During Childhood

Jennie During Childhood

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Jennie is a Korean Singer, Rapper born in Seoul Capital Area, South Korea on January 16, 1996, as of now, she is 25 years old, and at this age only became a star personality of South Korea in fact many fans are from other countries also. When she was born, having black hair giving her a special type of charm on her face. Jennie pursued her elementary education in New Zealand for five years at the age of eight and finally came to her own country South Korea in 2010.

Braid Plaits Hairstyle

Long Hair

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As you can see in the above images, Kim keeping long and silky hair most of the time. There is one more image in which you observe Jennie having two side fish braided plaits hairstyle, she looks stunning in braided hairstyle. Jennie was interested in fashion since she was a child as she uses to read fashion magazines for the trending hairstyles of that time. Kim was also a fashion lover and use to keep vintage Chanel and she looks through her mother’s wardrobe for all that. Let’s read the next paragraph for the recent look and Jennie Kim Hairstyle.

Jennie Kim Hairstyle – After becoming Celebrity

Jennie is always being supported by YG ENTERTAINMENT in making her career since 2012 and she is also having so much talent in the field of music that leads to you guys are enjoying her amazing raps and songs. On the way to transformation, she kept ponytails and blonde-black hair. Like in the given below images.Two Pony

Jennie Two Toned Hairstyle

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Jennie having black hair in more than one-third part of her hair and remaining in blonde color. Jennie is having world-famous two-toned hair, which is also called “Hairband Bang” by her Korean Fans. Many fans had copied her two-toned hairstyle, not even fans only many of the celebrities had also copied her famous hairband bangs, Jennie Kim Hairstyle around the Globe. Since 2018, Jennie Kim continuously gaining popularity, She has won many of the awards fewer are mentioned below:-

  1.  Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2019  –  Song of the Year – November
  2. Golden Disc Awards in 2020  –  Best Digital Song (Bonsang)
  3. Weibo Starlight Awards in 2021  – Starlight Hall of Fame (Korea)

If you want a guide on haircuts and Hairband Bang hairstyle then do comment in the comment section, we will bring another article in detail step by step roadmap to achieve two-toned amazing hair like Jennie Kim Hairstyle




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