JENTS Vegan Shoes For Men and Women

By | June 14, 2021

JENTS Vegan Shoes For Men and Women

This week, we’re talking to Andrew Durot, the founder of JENTS and the most recent brand of stylish shoes that have caught our eye.

Jents Weekend

With a story that tugs at the heartstrings and a simple message of effortlessly stylish, fully vegan shoes, we immediately fell head over heels with the brand. Sustainably produced, classic loafers for men and chic lace up flats for women is the name of the JENTS style game, and we couldn’t love them more.

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They say from tragedy comes triumph, and we’d have to agree in this case. Andrew started JENTS to carry on the legacy of his older brother, after he passed away in a car accident, whom he looked up to and admired as the ultimate gentleman. He thought there would be no better way to honour his brother than by starting something that embodied his memory, and was just as stylish as he was. Turns out he was right. The result is a stunning collection of fully vegan shoes for both men and women, equipped with orthopedic level insoles, beautiful packaging, and even a little trick to making the sockless look easier to pull off.

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With picture perfect, OOTD-worthy shoes (seriously, check out the #jents tag.. great looks abound), we’re not surprised to see that JENTS has attracted some killer press lately. High flying names, from Nigel Barker to Crystle Stewart, P.K. Subban, Lucy Hale, Daniella Monet, and even Instagram celebs like @EarthyAndy & @TattedVegan, have given JENTS some serious praise, comparing wearing their shoes to “walking on pillows” and pairing them with just about every outfit.

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Most people would be thrilled with this kind of recognition, but Andrew is just getting started. “People have put their faith in JENTS, and I realized that part of their excitement comes from knowing they’ve invested in a pair of classic, fully vegan shoes and a company with audacious goals. We’re never going to be satisfied with where we are. I always want to keep looking at where we could go, and take it one step at a time” says Andrew.

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JENTS has some seriously bold goals. They want to be the first fashion company to have a zero carbon footprint, and how they want to get there is just as exciting. Their Race to Zero covers exactly how they plan to eliminate their footprint, from creating a solar powered workshop, exclusively using organic materials, and even shipping their products more efficiently.

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As Andrew puts it, “the JENTS Race to Zero is really all about leading by example. Companies should put more effort into having a cleaner process, especially as politicians seem to care less. Not only do we want to show people that it can be done, but we want to set the example, just like my brother would have. Every pair of shoes brings us one step closer to our goals, and it’s so cool to have people’s support for this dream. Meanwhile, you’ll get some dope shoes out of it too.”

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Visit to read more about their goals and get your feet into a pair of their amazing shoes, starting at $139. There’s even free shipping and returns.

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