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By | August 9, 2021

We came with a new article on the star personality of the Korean Film industry. Yeah..!! you read correctly the most famous and demanding pop singer “Somi”, The hot girl popular from his childhood because of her fitness and long silky hair. In this article, we gonna see Jeon Somi Hairstyles. She is a taekwondo third-degree black belt holder but could not gain the fourth-degree black belt, if you want to know the reason then explore the article in detail. Her father was also a taekwondo player same as her.

Hot Somi

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She was born in Canada but later her family moved to South Korea, the reason behind that minor. Her mother, grandmother, father as well as her sister also appeared in so many films and television show. Due to her family background, she was too modern and maintain her fitness and hairstyle. Jeon Somi Hairstyle was long and golden blonde hair since childhood. This article is especially for the fans of Somi regarding Jeon Somi Hairstyles, fitness, and her personal life. Hope you guys will like our article. If you peep really want to know about this sexiest pop singer then explore this awesome article.

Jeon Somi Hairstyles – in her childhood

We were talking about the better-known Canadian-Dutch-Korean singer and songwriter, Yupp..!! Ennik Somi Douma. You better know by her Korean name Jeon So-mi ( 전소미) and her nickname is Somi, she was born on March 9, 2001, in Ontario, Canada. Due to the genes of her parents, Jeon Somi Hairstyles was a mixture of blonde and blackish hair when she was born.Somi as Child

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At the age of one-year-old, her family moved to South Korea due to her mixed descent. As her father, Matthew Douma was a Dutch Canadian and Moldova and her mother Jeon Sun-hee was a Korean-Montenegrin. Somi is often bullied by her friends and neighbors during her childhood days as she belonged to a mixed descent.

Jeon Evelyn  is her younger sister,she also used to keep hairstyles like her sister and look similar to Somi. When you observe Somi hair, keeping long hair and  turn hair color in golden blonde. Many fans wants to see Jeon Somi Hairstyle as curly. But till now she had not haircuts like that as she will come with her new gorgeous look in a curly hairstyle we will update on our website.

Jeon Somi Hairstyles – After becoming Celebrity

Somi Taekwondo

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During her school day, she appeared for a program related to sports ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season2’  on the Children’s Day special organized  by KBS2 as one the representatives of Midong Elementary School’s Taekwondo demonstration team where she share stage with famous South Korean comedian Park Joon-hyung. Somi was popular since her childhood due her hottest look and awesome blackish-golden blonde hair. Joen is a taekwondo third-degree black belt holder however her father was also gain the same but both of the them unable to achieve fourth-degree black belt due to their age. She graduated from Cheongdam Middle School on Feb 3, 2017  and Hanlim Multi Art School,majoring in Practical Music and Vocal.

Jeon Somi Hairstyles – Currently

Jeon Simi won Korea First Brnads award in 2017 as CF Model and Mubeat Awards in 2019 as Best Female Solo. Somi is having such beautiful figure,long hair,stylish haircut and amazing hairstyle due to all that nominated for “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020”. She started her career with SIXTEEN in 2015  after gaining so many fanbase, now she had recently released a song ‘Dumb Dumb’. If you want more updates regarding Jeon Somi or any other celebrity visit our website regular, we use to write article regarding top trending hairstyle of men and women.

Jeon Somi Hairstyle

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