Joe Jonas Inspired Hairstyles

By | July 28, 2021

Joe Jonas Inspired Hairstyles

A famous singer, a talented actor, and public figure, Joe Jonas is a person you can’t help but notice when walking down the street. You might recognize him from the Camp Rock movie, a Disney Channel production, or the famous band he started with his brothers: The Jonas Brothers band. Joe has always paid special attention to his looks, so he managed to steal our hearts with his angelic face and unique, trendy style. Due to the fact that he is constantly in the spotlight, he tries to impress us every time with a different hairstyle and we appreciate him for being brave enough to try new things. Let’s see some of his choices!

Starting with his latest hairstyle, this one below is a cute, simple side sweep that kind of transmits a bit of maturity, highlighting the fact that Joe is now a grown-up and we shouldn’t associate him anymore with the kid we used to see in the Camp Rock movie. His perfectly shaped face – a long oval one, gives him the opportunity to play with his look and I believe that any hairstyle would look charming on him.

There was a time last year I believe when many famous people dared to change their hair color and try something absolutely crazy, like a turquoise color. Or pink in Zayn Malik’s case. Joe chose this color combined with a perfect undercut with loose locks on top, coming like a wave and making you think of the sea’s waves. I love it!


Before changing his hair color, Joe went for a natural haircut, showing off his easily curled locks on top, giving him that summer, fresh look we all love.

In 2014, Joe tried a similar haircut as in 2016, an elegant undercut with a nice fade that suits him perfectly, due to his face shape. This is the optimal haircut for everyone with an oval face. It’s elegant and comfortable at the same time and the good part is that it doesn’t require so much styling. It’s almost all-natural.

It’s good to see a totally different choice of look back in 2013, when Joe shaved his hair, showing off his great traits and compensating with a longer beard than ever before. This here is the best choice for people living in hot places, but also for the summer season when your hair requires more attention and it might get in your way when you least expect it. Big up!

In 2012, Joe adopted this natural, surfer look, giving freedom to his beautifully curled hair. This is a classic haircut that can never go wrong, so you could give it a try too! It goes better with curly hair!

2011 was the year with a shorter length of hair in trend, which Joe followed and proved how cool this simple undercut could look. It’s simple, snug, and stylish enough to turn heads.

Add a bit of hair wax if you want to give it a more elegant air, like Joe in the picture below.

And here’s the Joe I first saw back in the days in Camp Rock movie – a young man, with a longer surfer look and straight hair coming over one side, always with a smile on his face. That’s a classic too, but I am personally happy that better times have arrived regarding hairstyles.

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