Long Hairstyles for Men to Fall For

By | June 14, 2021

Long Hairstyles for Men to Fall For

Hello, guys! This is Silvana – a Romanian, a creative person, a wander luster, who loves to express herself in words. What I will do is to write for guys, about guys, but also for girls, about guys. I’m new around here, so I hope you guys will enjoy my content!

I’ve always been attracted by men with long hair. This is why I chose that the first article I write would be about Long Hairstyles for Men, from how to take care of it, to styling it and wearing it on different occasions.

Truth be told, not every man likes and can wear a shoulder-length or longer hairstyle. When deciding to go for this kind of hairstyle, the attitude, the shape of the face, and the quality of the hair must be taken into consideration. Another important aspect that must not be ignored is the care routine, which includes washing the hair as often as possible, conditioning it, and giving it needed attention, by using proper products for moisturizing it. It would be better, though, not to use more styling products than the opposite sex and keep the hairstyle simple and offhand.

Here’s a selection of hairstyles I like and I think they would turn heads.

We all know the trendy top knot that started from women’s fashion and got adopted by men in time. The truth is it looks better on them too and I confess this is one of my favorite hairstyles for long-haired men. The one in the picture above may seem a little too natty, but there are other ways of styling it too.

If you’re curious enough, one of the next articles will include a “how-to” video for this kind of top knot. Yeah, a beard may be the accessory that completes the look, but the thing is this hairstyle looks cool with or without the beard.

This is the messy version of the top knot described before, this time presented as a more elegant choice. Even though the playful locks give the impression of a disorderly, on the run hairstyle, it is the perfect combination for an elegant date, business meeting or even wedding. Would you try a hairstyle like this for a wedding?

Wow! A groom with a hairstyle like this is hard to find, but I bet it’s not impossible. Who said long-haired men don’t look elegant should think twice. Just by combing the hair and tucking it behind the ears, this look is ready to be envied!

The next hairstyle is suitable for men with easily curved hair, oval, almost elongated face shape and it’s the perfect Long Hairstyle for Men for everyday activities. This hairstyle is so cool because of the fact that it takes little or no time to prepare it and it looks great just the way it is.

Because not all men have curly hair, I chose the same Long Hairstyle, but the straight hair version. As easy to style as the one above, this shoulder-length haircut seems to suit all the “bad guys”. Some of you may recognize Josh Holloway, from the LOST TV show.

Many curly-haired men think that it’s hard to style their long hair and that’s why they don’t usually have this kind of haircut.

You’ve all seen the “samurai-style” that got all the attention last year. This is the straight hair version of the above-mentioned hairstyle. Inspiring a fresh, casual look, this kind of Long Hairstyle for Men is as easy to style as it looks and the final look would definitely turn heads. And it’s also comfortable.

Lastly what about the pirate look! This look seems to work for only one person.

As a final thought, what do you think all these guys have in common, besides a Long Hairstyle? I would say it’s definitely the attitude and I can say it matters a lot.

Xoxo, S.

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