Long Hairstyles for Men

So in this article, I thought I would focus on Harry Styles who is from the band One Direction. Harry has a distinctive look, he in general has kept his hair long in length. Harry is 22 and made a name for himself back in 2010 when he entered the British televisions series The X Factor. He was actually knocked out early on but came back to form a band with some of the other … [Read more…]about Harry Styles Different Hairstyles

7 Best Hippie Hairstyle Images For Men

Hello, guys! How have you’ve been? We have been thinking lately about the good old times that existed and the hippie hairstyle people used to wear back in the day. That’s why we decided to write this article about the Hippie style and Men’s Hippie Hairstyle. I’m pretty sure everybody has heard about this culture, but as a little reminder, I will mention that “Hippie is a member … [Read more…]about 7 Best Hippie Hairstyle Images For Men

Long Hairstyles for Men to Fall For

Hello, guys! This is Silvana – a Romanian, a creative person, a wander luster, who loves to express herself in words. What I will do is to write for guys, about guys, but also for girls, about guys. I’m new around here, so I hope you guys will enjoy my content! I’ve always been attracted by men with long hair. This is why I chose that the first article I write would be … [Read more…]about Long Hairstyles for Men to Fall For

The 13 Most Impressive Game Of Thrones Men’s Hairstyles

Hi there, GOT fans! I’m pretty sure there’s nobody in this world that hasn’t heard about Game of Thrones. Some even admired game of thrones hairstyles. Being the most popular tv show of our times, Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama, which follows the series of fantasy novels of George R. Martin. The series revolves around “the violent dynastic struggles among the … [Read more…]about The 13 Most Impressive Game Of Thrones Men’s Hairstyles

4 Wavy Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hair takes time to grow (on average half an inch a month) and making sure that it looks healthy and vibrant is really down to what shampoos and conditioners one use. A lot of ladies like long hair that’s a fact and so if you’re looking for that California dream look or perhaps a Miami vice (just kidding) look then check out below these really cool wavy long hairstyles for … [Read more…]