Medium Hairstyles for Men

Because we are already at the end of the second month of the year, I thought it would be useful to post about what’s hot and trendy in 2018 regarding Men’s Hairstyles. As far as I’ve seen, I would say it’s all about shapes, geometry, and the word to define all these, I say it would be “DIVERSITY”, which is kind of cool. A hairstyle that got my attention and it seems to be … [Read more…]about Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019

Tousled Curly Men’s Hair

Tousled hair essentially means that the hair is disheveled or messy. A good tousled hairstyle can also be curly and so I thought this article would be great to showcase some awesome hairstyles. To rock the tousled hairstyle you will need a lot of texture and at least medium-length hair to be able to style it. It also helps if your hair is naturally curly and it’s more … [Read more…]about Tousled Curly Men’s Hair

Styling Messy Pompadour

A messy pompadour hairstyle is something that is very popular at this moment in time. It can be worn in different ways and once you have got the hang of it, it can be styled very quickly. Summer is about having hair with less grooming or styling. Your hair should be looser, more casual with less resolute maintenance. This is ideal in case you’re anticipating to have a daring … [Read more…]about Styling Messy Pompadour

The 13 Most Impressive Game Of Thrones Men’s Hairstyles

Hi there, GOT fans! I’m pretty sure there’s nobody in this world that hasn’t heard about Game of Thrones. Some even admired game of thrones hairstyles. Being the most popular tv show of our times, Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama, which follows the series of fantasy novels of George R. Martin. The series revolves around “the violent dynastic struggles among the … [Read more…]about The 13 Most Impressive Game Of Thrones Men’s Hairstyles

4 Mohawk Hairstyles for Men – Rebel Haircuts

Feeling a bit rebellious? or do you fancy just being a bit different from the norm, check out these epic Mohawk Hairstyles for Men. They’re pretty cool, the only snag is they take a little bit of time to create but are worth it when one pulls it off. These haircuts are almost like having an undercut on steroids, you need to have enough hair on top to be able to shape it into a … [Read more…]