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Everybody wants good-looking hair. Mainly because it is one of the first things that is observed on any person. As a matter of fact, hair quality is one of the features that leave a lasting impression. If it looks healthy and clean, it can give a professional image while dry and frizzy hair can give off the opposite.  That’s why a lot of people take care of their hair as … [Read more…]about Best Hair Products for Curly Men

4 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2019

What better way to kick of the summer than to provide some really cool hairstyles. Check below for some cool pictures. The undercut look is proving very popular at the moment and styling the hair with a product like clay, gel, molding mud or cream gives the hair shape and style. It seems almost every male celebrity is rocking this haircut to some degree. The …[Read more…]about 4 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2019

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019

Because we are already at the end of the second month of the year, I thought it would be useful to post about what’s hot and trendy in 2018 regarding Men’s Hairstyles. As far as I’ve seen, I would say it’s all about shapes, geometry, and the word to define all these, I say it would be “DIVERSITY”, which is kind of cool. A hairstyle that got my attention and it seems to be … [Read more…]about Mens Hairstyle Trends for 2019

Combed Hairstyles for Men

A combed back hairstyle is very popular at this moment in time and its certainly a trend that seems to never go away. The funny thing is that you could say it has always been an option for men over the last century. It started out way back in the 1920’s and was featured heavily again during the 1950’s with the Pompadour hairstyle and the classic image of men in military … [Read more…]about Combed Hairstyles for Men

How to Celebrate being Bald

Hair loss can affect both men and women and we know this could affect our self-esteem. If you read our article about Mens Hair Curiosities, you would know that going bald is a common happening and if you cannot prevent it, at least you can hide it or make a good thing out of it. That’s what this article is about – inspiration carefully selected for men with very thin hair to … [Read more…]



Grey Hairstyles for Men

We all know that age is just a number and that nowadays men do their best to look as good as possible like women have been doing all their lives. Because age doesn’t matter, I thought about writing an article for older men too, because they may look for hairstyle inspiration as well. And now you found it! So what about taking a look over the hairstyles we selected? Men … [Read more…]about Grey Hairstyles for Men

Men’s Hair Curiosities

Hello there! Today’s article will be a bit different than what we have had until now. I know it’s useful for you to get hairstyle inspiration, but I believe is important to know more facts about the hair too. So that’s what this article is about: unknown or did you know facts about the hair. So let’s get started with the curiosities: Hair is made up mostly of keratin, … [Read more…]about Men’s Hair Curiosities

Rockstar Hairstyles for Men

A brief history through the rock style hairstyles. Alive or not, these rockstars we’re going to talk about made history in music and they have definitely put their fingerprint on the history of hairstyles for sure! Talking about the biggest legends regarding rock stars, these personalities are such an inspiration in music, life, fashion, and even hairstyles. Let’s see the … [Read more…]about Rockstar Hairstyles for Men

Messy Hairstyles for Men

Hello guys! How have you been? We’ve got a new theme chosen for you that we think you’re going to love. Every man’s dream: to look good without putting any effort in. Am I right, guys? If you’re one of those who hate to spend time trying to look good, to take care of your hair, eyebrows, nails, then you’re in the right place. Because we are aware that our readers are so … [Read more…]about Messy Hairstyles for Men

Sports Hairstyles for Men

We all know that sport is an important thing in our lives and many of us should do it more often. Whether you have a sport-related hobby or you enjoy watching any kind of sports or are one of those practicing and being good at it, here’s some inspiration for your next hairstyle. We have selected the most inspiring hairstyles from sportspeople like footballers, … [Read more…]