Mens Braided Hairstyles

By | July 28, 2021

Mens Braided Hairstyles

Once again it’s proven to us that hairstyle trends among females often become adopted by males as well. This is just so great to see that the barriers between the two sexes become to be less visible and transform into transparent ones. There’s no competition here, it’s just a nice way of willingly sharing ideas. This one right above is my most favorite man braid from the.




Following in the footsteps of the man bun, the man braid has taken over as the coolest new hairstyle for men. The edgy and versatile look is perfect for creating an appearance that’s both on-trend and out of the ordinary. From bold and brave designs to small and subtle styles, man braids have an option to suit every gent. So, no matter if you consider yourself a hipster, tough guy, or merely a modern man, you can rock braids whenever you’re ready. Just click through to find the coolest man braid hairstyles that are sure to inspire you to try this trend.


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1. Man Braid + Viking Hairstyle

A Viking-inspired braid is a perfect hairstyle for turning long locks tough.


Viking Inspired Braid


 2. Man Braid + Fine Hair

Having fine hair is no reason to miss out on trying the man braid trend.


Man Braid for Fine Hair


3. Man Braid + Beard

Partnering with a man braid with a beard creates a strong appearance with a cool, hipster vibe.


Man Braid with Beard


4. Man Braid + Short Hair

While you will need at least a little length on top to create a man braid, the look can work with shorter cuts.


Short Hair with Man Braid


5. Man Braid + Half Bun

This unique style features a half-man bun with a top braid and smaller plait on the side.


Man Braid and Bun


6. Man Braid + Shaved Sides

Even a low Fade can be worked into a braided look by weaving together a wider section of hair.


Wide Man Braid with Shaved Sides


7. Triple Man Braids + Bun

Three braids combined with a bun create a neat look that’s full of impact.


Triple Braids with Bun


 8. Man Braid + Side Part

A simple side part braid is a quick and easy way to update your style without changing your overall look.


Simple Side Part Braid


9. Man Braid + Simple Braided Section

Instead of creating a braid that runs from the front to the back of your head, why not try braiding a small section running across?


Simple Braided Section


10. Reverse Man Braid

A reverse man braid with a bun is a great way to keep your look polished at the front and fashion-forward at the back.


Reverse Man Braid


11. Man Braid + Pompadour

Instead of slicking back the sides of your pompadour, try braiding them for a similar yet slightly edgier appearance.


Pompadour with Braided Sides


12. Warrior Man Braids

Thanks to their rich history, braids can be used to create a cool, warrior look.


Warrior Man Braids


13. Man Braid + Hair Design

One of the great things about man braids is their versatility and ability to be transformed into many modern hair designs.


Modern Man Braid Style


14. Man Braid + Messy Hair

While sharp braids appear edgy and bold, a messy man braid looks laid-back and casual.


Messy Man Braid


15. Man Braids + Hard Part

This hard part braid provides the perfect line of distinction between the long hair on top and the short, shaved sides.


Mini Man Braid


16. Man Braids + Top Knot

Try taming a long mane with man braids and a top knot for special events and functions.


Man Braids with Top Knot


17. Man Braids + Double Side + Bun

Gents who prefer a subtle look will appreciate the understated style of these double side braids that gather into a bun.


Double Side Braids into Bun


18. Man Braids + medium Length Hair

While medium-length hair can sometimes seem a little uninspired, the addition of a braid will inject the length with a fashionable edge.


Medium Length Hair with Man Braid


19. Man Braid + Mini Bun

A man braid with a mini bun has an athletic appeal that makes the style look just as in place in the boxing ring as it does roaming the city streets.


Man Braid with Mini Bun


20. Man Braid + Faded Sides

Cool, contemporary and eye-catching, a man braid with a fade is the perfect hairstyle for the sophisticated and style-savvy gent.


Man Braid with Faded Sides


21. Man Braids + Volume

Thick, chunky man braids have a contemporary and on-trend appearance.


Chunky Man Braids


22. Man Braids + Ponytail

Not only is a man braid ponytail on-trend, but it’s also easily achieved at home with just a little bit of practice.


Man Braid Ponytail


23. Man Braid + Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is the perfect haircut for rocking a man’s braid.


Man Braid with Disconnected Undercut


24. Man Braid + Blond Hair

Grown-out color can make a man’s braid appear even more unique and stylish.



25. Man Braid + Pompadour + Hair Design

Weave your pompadour into a loose braid and a hair design to give this classic style a new edge.


Man Braid Pompadour


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