Messy Hairstyles for Men

By | July 29, 2021

Messy Hairstyles for Men

Hello guys! How have you been? We’ve got a new theme chosen for you that we think you’re going to love. Every man’s dream: to look good without putting any effort in. Am I right, guys?

If you’re one of those who hate to spend time trying to look good, to take care of your hair, eyebrows, nails, then you’re in the right place. Because we are aware that our readers are so different from one another, we want to cover every taste/idea/attitude/habit possible, in order to find your perfect hairstyle.

“I woke up like this” it would say this look. And what a look! Medium hair length is a must for this kind of hairstyle, so only choose it if you enjoy having your hair longer and your hair type is thin. No style is needed.

This is kind of hairstyle from Ashton Kutcher is suitable for easily curled hair that likes to go curly when the hair is cut longer. We love this hairstyle and we highly recommend it if you match the hair type.

Messy Hairstyles for Men 01x

Messy hair all around (Robert Pattinson). Looking like the wind gave him a hard time, yet so awesome and stylish. Just make sure you cut your hair a bit longer on the middle section and then carelessly pass your hands with a bit of hair wax through your hair, from one side to another, creating a “bridge” on the middle of your head. It doesn’t need to look arranged, remember; MESSY is the keyword, so as many rebel locks as possible. And voila! You got it!

Messy Hairstyles for Men 06x

Here’s a challenge for medium hair length shown by Chace Crawford, also a bit curly and innocent lamb attitude or look, to have it all. I’m kidding; you don’t need the lamb look to rock it with your crazy, messy medium hairstyle. What do you need to do, besides getting this cut? Well, shake your head twice and make sure you put some styling products into your hair beforehand.

And this is the shorter version by Chad Michael Murray, but with shorter sides. If you love having a little freshness in your hairstyle and do you like the coziness this hairstyle inspires? Then you’re the right person at the right place to try it.  little more spiky but still has a messy look!

Yes, we believe that messy hair works for older men too like Johnny Depp. If you have the right attitude, then you can have whatever hairstyle you want, even a crazy one. Hell yeah!

Medium hair length can be messy without curls as well. This classic short edgy hairstyle from Ewan McGregor fits men with thin, straight hair who don’t care about what others think about them – they just go with the flow.

Finally, I have added a pic from Matthew McConaughey which shows what messy can look like when the hair is of medium length. The hair is really curly, especially at the back.

Which one will be your next hairstyle? Leave us a comment below!

Xoxo, S

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