Mini Afro Hairstyles

By | June 14, 2021

Mini Afro Hairstyles

I thought I would look at mini Afro hairstyles instead of the typical big Afro ball that is normally associated with Afro hair and which you see from men.

A lot of people have Afro hair but it does tend to be people who are either from Africa, Asia and Australia or descendants of people from those countries.

Afro hair is often very dense and the hair strands are formed by tiny springy/wavy like helix shapes but as you’ll see in this post that Afro hair can take on many different forms.

When one has Afro hair a lot of people like to keep the hair short, they may shave it down to a low grade or as you will see in the images below that there are a lot of nice short haircuts one can have that celebrate the Afro-ness of the hair.

The actor Morgan Freeman knows how to grow old gracefully, here the hair is starting to thin out but you can see that the hair has a lot of volume and bounce. Its a very easy, manageable haircut that looks fine.

03/29/2014 – Morgan Freeman

This next image is one of the better examples and is a very trendy haircut which highlights the Afro hair. There’s a lot you can do like adding a fade on the sides or a layered undercut.

07/19/2015 – Brandon T. Jackson

Usher and Will Smith’s Afro hair are very matted and binded together but the hairstyles look good all the same.

05/19/2014 – Usher

03/02/2014 – Will Smith

Michael’s Afro hair is starting to take on a wild look and grow outwards. It’s just about keeping its tidy shape around the ears but this is always an issue for people which is trying to keep it under control as Afro hair can really take on a life of it’s own.

08/01/2012 – Michael Ealy

The next 2 examples show the Afro hair as being a little more curly and this can often be down to the hair slightly thinning out as one gets older.

10/23/2012 – Denzel Washington

06/29/2014 – Lionel Richie

Last person is Drake and you can see how dense his Afro hair is. This is an interesting hairstyle because he hasn’t shaved the the sides and has kept the length on the sides as the same on the top.

The hair lines have been neatly cropped and it’s a smart haircut.

02/10/2013 – Drake

Give some of these hairstyles a go. I think that there certainly fit for modern, active living and are easy to maintain.

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