Modern Hairstyles for the New Age

By | July 23, 2021

Modern Hairstyles for the New Age

In this article I have selected an array of hairstyles which are very popular right now for little boys and men. They are modern but whats interesting is that they’re not new, in fact a lot of these hairstyles were popular during their time in the 50’s and 60’s.

Hairstyles seem to go in cycles and they also get reinvented and adapted for modern living.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]The Side Parted Layered Comb-Over[/header]

Zachary Quinto has a very stylish comb-over which has been nicely tapered/layered on the sides starting around the ears. A wet looking gel or mousse will help style the hair and hold it in place. This hair style certainly shows the importance of hair products for men.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]The Side Parted Comb-Over[/header]

Chris Pine has gone for a little more of a traditional look with the comb-over. It’s more noticeable on the sides and the hair is a lot more dryer than Zachary’s hair. The hair has been blow dried after a mousse has been applied.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]The Disconnected Undercut[/header]

This example is very much in vogue right now. There is a real noticeable difference in the length of the hair from the sides to the top. You can see a line break just before the long hair.

A very versatile haircut which allows the long hair to either flop to one side or like this example be held up and combed away from the face.

Modern Hairstyles for the New Age 2x

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]The Long Side Swept Undercut[/header]

Justin Bieber not that long ago was sporting this hairstyle. The hair is on the long side but the contract effect is just awesome!

To have one side shorter than the other, then had some blonde highlights and this hairstyle can be shaped in many different ways.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]A Side Swept Fade[/header]

This is a nice example of the fade which is subtle. Justin Timberlake has mastered this and when you had a quiff to the cut then this really works on a face shape like Justin’s.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]The Buzz Cut[/header]

Nick Jonas has had many different hairstyles in his time, we recently did an article about the Jonas brothers where you can see what I mean. Here Nick has gone for a simple haircut that is low maintenance and rather liberating. I myself have a really short haircut now and I love it.

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]Top Knot Bun[/header]

Everyone is going for a top knot and something you see a lot more of in the summer. If you have long hair then it’s rather nice to be able to get that long hair out of you face from time to time.

Modern Hairstyles for the New Age 6x

[header type=”3″ ct_u_size_20=”false” ct_u_arapey=”false”]Pompadour[/header]

And to finish off we have the pompadour, this example epitomizes what a pompadour should look like. It does require though a lot of attention, patience and styling to get it to look like this.

Modern Hairstyles for the New Age 8

Which hairstyle will you be going for over the course of the next few months?

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