One Direction Hairstyles Inspiration

By | July 28, 2021

One Direction Hairstyles Inspiration

One way or another, I’m gonna get you..what? I’m sorry guys; I was hypnotized by this song that you can’t get out of your head. And it’s the best one I’ve heard from their repertory. Ok, but we’re here to discuss hairstyles and looks and aspects in general.

Hey, you’re right there! Yes, you! I bet you’re a fan of Harry Styles, aren’t you? Well, lucky for you I chose his best hairstyles to show you today so that you could maybe make a change and get his look. His most recent hairstyle is this one bellow, a medium-long length hairstyle swept in a “whatever” way, but always in “one direction” haha. Did you get it? Well, these joyful rebel locks don’t need to stay in one place and I love this hairstyle due to its simplicity, yet stylish aspect.

It seems like he was a rebel even before growing his hair long when he used to make this big pin-up fringe with the messy locks on the sides. That’s an interesting and unique one, I really appreciate it.

Liam Payne is nowadays the adept of a short, simple haircut that keeps him off the heat and the ineffective way of styling your hair every day, every time you need to go out. I could say this is for the lazy ones but in a good way!

Well, the classic side sweeps he used to wear before aren’t too far away from this one either, since the length is quite short and tidy. The line between gives a great impact over the look, maybe it would have looked even cooler with a more precise one.

Zayn Malik is on the “messy” side. I like the fade created between the middle part and the one coming from the beard. It’s a really attractive effect. You can create this messy look by using some hair wax or gel and just play with your fingers through your middle part. But it needs to be longer than the sides. I thought I would include Zayn as he was in the band at one stage and he has had many interesting hairstyles in his time.

Wow! This is a real wow! Who would have dared to dye his hair pink?! This guy deserves a medal for that and I think he started inspiring other men to dare the same. It’s a provocative and daring hairstyle, after all, but it looks soooo marvelous! Adding this crazy haircut with a big difference between the sides which are almost shaved and the upper part like 10 cm longer and styled upwards! Well, that’s bravery. Big up for you, Zayn!

Louis Tomlinson is another fan of pin-up fringe, which I find absolutely charming. Because of its rarity, it’s a really valuable hairstyle that gets attention without question. I would suggest you go for this hairstyle only on a special occasion, it’s not a day-by-day hairstyle.

Hooray! So many handsome guys in this band! Niall Horan is the guy who dared to bleach a big portion of hair to get his result. I think messy hairstyles are the best hairstyles. Just try it once and you’ll fall in love with it.

This was the One direction guys and their inspiring hairstyles. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and keep reading more of ours!

Xoxo, S.

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