Rocking that Hairstyle in your 60’s

By | July 28, 2021

Rocking that Hairstyle in your 60’s

So your about to hit 60 and your wondering what hairstyle should I go for or you’re in your 60’s and you fancy some inspiration. Well, I have compiled a few pictures of well-known men who are in their sixties and for one article only (just kidding) you can check out the pics to see what interests you!

All the images below were taken around 2016, so there pretty recent.

Pierce Brosnan still looking dapper at 63. The hairstyle he has here is an elegant comb-over with a bit more length on top. I like his hairstyle just because of the simplicity of it, you can’t fail to look good with this haircut.

Here we have Michael Keaton, an actor who over the last few years has had a mini-revival with his career due to the movie Birdman which was just great. Michael is about to turn 65 which I’m sure he would love me to remind of that but he is looking very good for his age here.

He has a very tidy, neat haircut which is showing his natural grayish roots which is great. Personally keeping it natural at this age is ideal, there’s no need to hide it like say, John Travolta.

Liam Neeson who is an interesting straight-talking guy has wavy medium length here. At 64 his hair is in very good condition.

Kevin Costner! (61) What a legend, he always has that cool pose, almost like a blue steel look, haha.

Kevin has very fine hair and has always kept his hair short. This is a very subtle change which means the sides are tapered and the top is kept a little longer at the front so he can switch it up and let the front settle either side.

Sting (64) has been of late, well a few years now has been growing a serious-looking beard. Another guy who has fine hair and which is reseeding but hey who cares, this comes with age and again I like the fact that he is growing old naturally.

Smooth-talking Richard Gere at 66 has had his hair go very white which looks great. A chap who doesn’t seem to worry that the hair has no real direction but just goes with the flow.

I like this style because it’s nonconformist, it just has a lot of flow and shape.

Dennis Haysbert who is 62 is keeping it real with a very short haircut that is neatly trimmed with sharp lines. He has dyed his hair here and has topped it off with a small goatee.

Ted Danson (68) is a great actor who I have enjoyed watching in Fargo the crime-comedy TV show. He is a likable kind of guy and here I love his hairstyle. This takes effort, I mean just look at it! A well-conceived comb-over, this hairstyle should win awards. Neat short sideburns and I love how the hair just tapers out, this is my best hairstyle in this article.

Give some of the hairstyles on the show a go! Adios.

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