Rockstar Hairstyles for Men

By | July 29, 2021

Rockstar Hairstyles for Men

brief history through the rock style hairstyles. Alive or not, these rockstars we’re going to talk about made history in music and they have definitely put their fingerprint on the history of hairstyles for sure! Talking about the biggest legends regarding rock stars, these personalities are such an inspiration in music, life, fashion, and even hairstyles. Let’s see the hairstyles they adopted from back in the 1950s to recently.

David Bowie, an appreciated English singer, and songwriter, that recently left us, as most of the rockstars in their times, wore a rebel hairstyle like the one in the image below.

A more recent photo of David Bowie could be used to inspire its fans regarding his hairstyle – medium, over-the-top tucked hair, neat and more serious than back in the days when he was younger and rebel.


Jon Bon Jovi, known for his romantic and charming look, kept his messy hairstyle over the years, even though his hairstyle was long or short. Like a real rock star, he knew that the messier, the merrier, so he kept this as a key element.

Kurt Cobain, ex-singer in the Nirvana rock band was another rock legend who left his mark among music and hairstyles too. His favorite way of wearing his rock star hair was a medium hair length hairstyle, most of the time tucked over his ears.


Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the famous American band Aerosmith has been going through many hairstyle changes, but he apparently always had his hair long. Styled with curls, highlights, colorful locks, side bangs, but always dark, messy, and straight at the core. Now that’s a hairstyle that rocks! Don’t you think?!

Axl Rose, the lead singer from Guns’N Roses, like many other rock stars, preferred the long, straight hairstyle, sometimes with accessories like bangs, ties, or hats over the head. Do you like this hairstyle?


Mick Jagger, the legendary English singer from The Rolling Stones band is said to be “one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll”. He has been inspiring the history of the rock star hairstyle, due to his medium-length hairstyle, with bangs and big and loose curls. This is not a common hairstyle, but we definitely love it and we recommend it to rock stars nowadays!

Because we talked about Mick Jagger, we couldn’t miss his other half, Keith Richards. Having kind of the same hairstyle, but this time more messy than curled, we could say that these two legends made a good match both in music and in style.

For the hard rockers, James Hetfield from Metallica could bring some inspiration in hairstyles – a combination between an undercut and a punk apex in two colors, it definitely used to turn heads back in the days. Or maybe he still does, who knows?!

Robert Plant from the Led Zeppelin band doesn’t seem to look as hardcore as we expect from a rock star, but he has more like an angel look, due to his curly hair. A great inspiration for those with curly and long hair, Robert Plant rocked the stages with this hairstyle and you could do it too!


Due to the period – back in the 60’ – 70’s, and due to their style, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, as the other rock stars presented above, used to wear their hair longer and messier than today. Step by step, those times are slowly coming back and we want you to be ready to embrace the trends when they come.

Until next time, rock on!

Xoxo, S.

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