Sebastian Craft Clay Review – How To Use and It’s Benefits

By | June 14, 2021

Sebastian Craft Clay Review – How To Use and Its Benefits

So, in our first of many product reviews going forward, I decided to start with a product that I’ve come to regularly know over the years, Sebastian Craft Clay. Mind you it’s taken a lot of trial and error over the years trying many products to discover the powerful effects of clay styling aids.

You name it I’ve tried it (gel, paste, cream, hairspray, wax) but when I came across clay as a styling aid I was blown away by not only how easy and non-messy it was but that it looked natural which meant you didn’t look ridiculous when styling your hair. It also felt good and was very easy to wash out and holds the hair naturally in place.

Clay is also a natural component that has been known to be a healing and stimulating product that is good for sensitive skin and scalp. A great conditioner for hair and provides a smoother texture.

Sebastian Craft Clay
Sebastian Professional Craft Clay – Get it via Amazon

The product which I use and which is very popular is Sebastian Craft Clay Matt which you can pick up from Amazon. It comes in a hard durable tub that has a screw top, the design of the product is elegant and effective. Using the product is very easy to do, I’d suggest drying your hair with a hairdryer first which gives volume to the hair, but make sure the hairdryer isn’t too close to your hair as hair dryers can damage hair with excess use as the hot air often drys out the hair too quickly. After you have dried your hair just place a small amount of clay on the tip of your fingers then rub both hands together and then run your hands through your hair.

This technique does need to be quick, from the moment you’ve taken some clay out of the pot you then need to apply it to the hair, by rubbing your hands together you will produce friction and heat which warms up the clay before you apply it to your hair. If you’re going for a quiff then I would concentrate more on the front of your hair. After a few goes you will start to find a routine that works for you.

Sebastian Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer utilizes an indigenous, earth minerals formulation that is intended to enhance the texture of your hair.  Your hair will be soft to touch and have a matte finish hold. Now, you can easily change the styling of your hair by utilizing this texturizer, particularly on dry hair.


  • Specially formulated using high-quality earth minerals.
  • One of kind Remoldable texture clay is made especially for stylish hairstyles.
  • Can modify the texture and mold particularly for dry hair.
  • Gives you the best touchable matte-finish hold.
  • Regardless if you have short or medium hair, this product can work for you.

 Sebastian Craft Clay Ingredients

  • Petrolatum
  • Cera Alba/Beeswax
  • Dicaprylyl Maleate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Kaolin
  • PEG-10 Sunflower Glycerides
  • Quaternium-18 Bentonite
  • Silica
  • CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide
  • Caramel
  • CI 60730/Ext. Violet 2

Clay hair products are generally a new way of styling men’s hair. This particular type of styling product varies from extremely thick to extremely rich textures. There are a variety of clay hair products that are available in the market today. They vary in their ingredients, however, there is one thing that is common in all of them. All of these clay hair products are composed of clay. Bentonite is the type of clay that is popularly used in these products. This particular ingredient originated from weathering of volcanic ash. Since it is extremely fine and powdery then it is likewise “smooth” to touch and can make your hair grow larger. In fact, it can grow to as much as six times once it comes in contact with water.

Why Use Sebastian Craft Clay

With the appropriate hair products, changing the texture of your hair can be possible. Sebastian Craft Clay has been created utilizing natural wax instead of the rigorous formulation. This implies that instead of having a sparkling, hardened texture that you obtained with other hair products, Sebastian Craft Clay provides you with something totally extraordinary. You can achieve touchable, adaptable, hair that can be styled according to your own vision. This product includes smashed quartz minerals which can disperse light and provide you with a matte style.

Bentonite or clay can make your hair feel “bulkier” by enhancing the thickness, body, and framework on every single hair strand. Eventually, this can provide your hair strength for the duration of the day. These hair clay products are perfect for hairstyles that need a huge amount of volume without worrying about the styling product burdening your hair. So, what are the different advantages of utilizing hair clay products?

Clay tends to draw grime and contaminations from the hair without making your hair dry due to a lack of natural oils. Clay includes properties that can heal and empower the hair shaft and scalp in a natural way. This is great for guys who have delicate scalp and skin. Likewise, it also contributes to hair growth. It can make your hair and scalp healthier since it is rich in nutrients and minerals. Clay can also condition and saturates the hair in order to control and manage frizzy hair, especially for guys who have wavy or longer hair.

Sebastian Craft Clay has an amazingly smooth and velvety texture which permits it to spread effectively and equally through the thickest of hair. Additionally, It has a lightweight formulation that retains rapidly into the hair without leaving any undesirable buildup. Applying the Craft Clay can be done prior to or after utilizing a blow dryer. In this way, it can provide you with added volume and strength without overloading your hair. Whichever way you utilize it, your hair will have a matte to a semi-matte finish and likewise provide it with medium to high hold. Get the product here!

Sebastian Craft Clay vs Matte Putty

Having gorgeous hair is a shoddy and simple approach to show you have style and class. You gotta look incredible in order to play great. As an additional aspect, having pleasantly styled hair can increase your confidence. So, which hair product is somewhat overpowering? There are a vast variety of hair products that you can use in styling your hair! Most likely, it will depend on the look that you want to accomplish.

Hair clay products are of kind one and are likely the least used product. Also known as molding clay, hair clay, or simply clay. This product is somewhat a new kid on the block. All hair clay products that are currently sold in the market right now do really have clay in it! The clay is frequently more or less compact or a thick paste. So what’s so awesome about clay? Well, it’s mostly the same with wax, it has all the immense qualities of the wax and even more! The bentonite found in the product has the capacity to make your hair follicle look and feel fatter. Additionally, it adds volume to a wide range of hair. In case you choose to utilize a blow dryer then it can even add more bulk to your hair. Hair clay products are perfect for all types of skin. Clays also include healing properties. This means that it can help in repairing damaged hair and likewise relieve the dryness on your scalp. This consequently helps in hair development!

Sebastian Professional Matte Putty will give you a chance to shape and reshape your hair while making it delicate. It gives you a dry texture and shapes your hair for easy styling that fits your state of mind.

Matte Putty is a delicate, dry texturizer. It is somewhat similar to a powdery paste, wherein it is delicate within yet flexible on the outer part. It is the best matte moisturizer. This product is adaptable to any length of hair, giving you a natural and delicate hold.

How to use Sebastian Craft Clay

Clays are extremely fine yet have an awesome fragrance which is frequently a perfect or natural smell.
The application procedure is very simple and tidying up can be done quickly. It washes out of your hair easily and won’t leave any sticky debris on your hands.

Using clay is similarly as simple as using any other hair product. Simply use your fingertip and scoop out a small amount of the product. Mix this with your hands. Place it in your palm and then rub it on both of your hands and make it a point to create some warmth. After that spread it through your hair until you can obtain the look that you’re looking for. You must begin from the roots until you’ll reach the tip. Work through your dry hair to alter the shape, texture, and isolate giving you a dry, matte finish hold. Be sure to apply it to the roots in order to roughen up the style and enhance the volume of your hair. Works best not only for short but also for medium hair.

After you have styled your hair then the excess clay can be easily washed off with warm water in the sink. If you’ve got short to medium length hair and are looking for something that will add volume and shape while being subtle then we suggest you try Sebastian Craft Clay to get that smart casual look. Want to look hot? Then go for a tough look!

So, in our first of many product reviews going forward, I decided to start with a product that I’ve come to regularly know over the years, Sebastian Craft Clay. Mind you it’s taken a lot of trial and error over the years trying many products to discover the powerful effects of…


Sebastian Craft Clay Review

Maintaining Shape – 93%


Ease of Use – 96%


Price – 89%


Product Design – 93%


Presentation Effect – 94%



You won’t find a better natural styling aid for men on the market. A competitive product that sits at a good price point in the market. Easy to use and easy to wash out. Also, the great thing is you only require a small amount of the clay every time you use it, great for short to medium hair.

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