Styling Messy Pompadour

By | June 14, 2021

Styling Messy Pompadour

A messy pompadour hairstyle is something that is very popular at this moment in time. It can be worn in different ways and once you have got the hang of it, it can be styled very quickly.

Summer is about having hair with less grooming or styling. Your hair should be looser, more casual with less resolute maintenance. This is ideal in case you’re anticipating to have a daring summer activity where your hair might require to move. We consider these “messier” simple style as artistic.

Today we’ll be discussing the pompadour. In this article, we want to provide you with a tutorial on how to create that perfect pomp. The pompadour is a  modest hairstyle that has basic measurements. However, its effect is fabulously dramatic. The pompadour hairstyle is the greatest exemplary modern men’s hairdo which highlights trimmed sides with bulkier measurements on top. Regardless if you want the longer style of Elvis Presley or a simple haircut, we’ll give you some basic tips on how to rock the pompadour the way you want to wear it. Pompadour hairstyle is very versatile and practical for everyday activities.

History of Pompadour

A pompadour is a kind of haircut that started way back in the 1700s. Despite the fact that the style is very common among guys of today, it all began as a look for women. The name pompadour is derived from the name of Madame de Pompadour. She was a part of the French court and was the authentic mistress of Louis XV for the duration of 1745 up to 1751. However, this style didn’t become prominent for guys. In the 1950s, it became a standout when it was worn by Elvis Presley. Men have started to like it. Nowadays, the pompadour, which is done by brushing the hair in an upward and downward manner in order to create a lump, has seen a comeback and guys throughout the world are currently wearing the look in a new and appealing manner.

Pompadour hairstyle became popular for men in the 1950’s and 60’s, but for women, the pompadour hairstyle had been around since the 18th century. This is the trademark style of the ’50s and ’60s. This style is quite popular among celebrities and rock stars such as Elvis Presley and James Dean. What’s more, the pomp was having an enormous resurgence lately. Thanks to those guys who are racers and love classical autos.

Although, the pompadour is not easygoing. Actually, an important element of the hairdo is the pomade, which can frequently be a torment to wash out. That is the reason we’re glad to welcome this latest Pompadour style for your summer hairstyling. It can be touchable compared to the customary style. Most of all, it is less stuck.

Contrary to a perfect pompadour, which appears to be sharp and modern, a messy pompadour is more energetic and fun. This look is perfect for a fashionable weekend since it doesn’t consider itself excessively fervent. Aside from being congenial and nice, this look is additionally less complicated to make compared to the customary pompadour. Despite the fact that it will require slight blow-drying and styling, you can still achieve a rugged and erratic look with a messy pompadour.

Is Messy Pompadour Best For You

Can a messy pomp style work on your hair and face shape? This hairstyle works best for guys who have fine to medium hair, however, it’s not great for those who have thick hair, except if the weight is lessened altogether. It works perfectly for men who have relatively wavy hair, however, if you have a curly hair then you have to straighten it first in order to accomplish the look. Since it will create a high quiff on the head then this hairstyle is appropriate for round and square face shapes. Yet, it is not suitable for men who have longer or more oval face shapes since it can make the head look longer.

So, how will you tell your barber if you want a messy pompadour? Simply tell your hairstylist that you want the ‘new pompadour’ style. It has an indistinguishable shape from quiffs and pompadours, however, is messier. Just see how David Beckham wore this style. With regards to the cut, inform your hairstylist to keep the length in the top portion since the fringe should be the longest part. It should have a sufficient length so it can fall far down your face. It would be great if a little weight is eliminated here so it falls excellently when styled back. Additionally, the hairstylist should likewise eliminate some length and weight from the crown area in order to prevent any bulge.

The top area will be texturized, however, the back and sides should remain tight and near to the skin as much as possible. Tell your hairstylist not to utilize electric clippers when trimming your hair. This is because it will look excessively orderly, and it wouldn’t look so natural.

This hairstyle is great for people with straight hair, the idea is to keep the back and sides short around half an inch and on top around 4 to 10 inches in length. The length on the top though can be a bit longer should you wish.

Messy Pompadour

You can have the hair flowing backward or let it drop to the side.

You will find that if you go with the grain of the hair then the top of the hair will be flatter but if you go against the grain (opposite direction) you will find that you will end up creating more volume at the front.

Tips in Styling Pompadour

Pompadours are flexible as in they can be adaptable to different types of hair. Men with straighter hair should be mindful when accumulating texture to the highest points of their pompadours so as to guarantee a more uniform, proportionate look. If you have a wavy or curly hair then it can integrate a bit of length and wholeness to the hairdo. Furthermore, try to explore different ways like having undercuts on the sides and designate a balanced length. Try out various styles and lengths to discover the one that suits your hair the best. Be wary that regardless of what hair type you have, having a fuller top is generally complimenting especially when the sides are trimmed.

How To Style Mens Messy Pompadour

The first thing to do is to blow dry your hair using a round brush in order to accomplish your desired quiff with regards to its shape and volume. In case you have straighter hair then you can utilize a vent brush and try to twist your hair while you are in the process of drying it.

It is essential to utilize a strong hold hair product while your hair is still wet in order to generate more volume. Start at the front portion and work your way towards the crown by twisting it around. In order to achieve the ‘new pompadour’, it should look messier. Complete the style by applying a clay so as to obtain a matte look. You can also opt for a paste if you’d like some sparkle.

Things to Consider

1. The hair ideally needs to be wet when applying a styling aid.

2. A good comb is needed to brush the hair backward.

3. Blowdryer is needed to be able to style the hair to how you want it.

This article was inspired by watching a YouTube video by Joseph Andrews who goes into detail and demonstrates a few epic techniques to create a nice looking Pompadour.

Click play to watch the tutorial.

Let’s Recap

1. Towel dry your hair is a good way to semi dry it before applying a good styling aid.

2. Use a pre-style styling aid before blow-drying the hair, something like a hair cream that produces a nice shine.

3. With your hands apply the pre-styling aid, make sure you’re making a good movement with your hands, pushing the hair backward.

4. Next, use a heat protector spray before blow drying the hair.

5. Blow dry the hair the way it grows pushing the front up as you go.

6. Next, apply the styling aid (wax paste).

7. Styling in the opposite direction and then letting it flop back towards the way the hair grows. Use your hands to get a nice messy look and push the front back.

Joseph was kind enough to allow me to add his video to this article so in return if you get a chance to its worth checking out his YouTube channel (Blumaan) where you can also find his other social media accounts.

Similar to any hairstyles, practice more to make it perfect! For instance, explore with the different blending of blow-drying strategies and quantities of hair styling products until you can achieve the best messy pompadour that you desire. Longer on the top, shorter on the sides. With the latest pompadour style, you’re bidding farewell to the oily feel and saying hello to the messy style! If you would like to check out another Tutorial we’ve done then please check out How to get Great Coiled Dreadlocks.

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