Surfer Hair For Men: Cool Beach Men’s Hairstyles

By | July 29, 2021

Surfer Hair For Men: Cool Beach Men’s Hairstyles

Surfer Hairstyles For Men
Surfer’s hair is often styled with a relaxed, tousled hairstyle. In fact, the men’s surfer haircut is inspired by the effects of the sun and ocean salt on a guy’s hair, resulting in a messy and wavy look. Although surfer hairstyles are often easy and low-maintenance styles, the cut can also be styled into a trendier look.

If you’re searching for cool hair the girls will always love in the summer, check out the hot surfer haircuts in our guide below, where you will find some of the best short and long surfer hair to try. For a simple, easy-to-wear hairstyle that suits most face shapes and hair types (curly, wavy, or straight), the surfer cut for guys is the ideal choice.

Surfer Hair For Men - Beach Hairstyles

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How To Get Surfer Hair

Simply put, one of the main things you need to get a surfer men’s hairstyle is long hair, which means you’ll need to let your hair grow out. Around 4 inches is a good minimum length, but the longer the hair, the more “surfer boy” it will look. While a surfer’s hair does require some shaping, the best surfer hairstyles are loose and unshaped.

Try to resist the temptation to touch up your hair with styling products when it gets long and messy – growing it out is the only way to get a natural look. Although the surfer texture takes some styling to achieve, once you’re there, it’s an easy yet trendy way to wear your hair.

Surfer Hair

How To Style Surfer Hair

Styling surfer hair comes down to waking up, looking in the mirror, and fixing a few strands of hair to get the look you want. Essentially, the surfer cut is the epitome of “bed-head” and most boys enjoy sporting the ultra-relaxed hairstyle that surfers are so well-known for. However, some surfer dudes will prefer a more polished look.

How To Style Surfer Hair

Adding volume to the style is a good way to increase the formality, and can be achieved with some high-quality mousse. Make sure that any styling hair products are matte rather than shiny, as this will help to give the hairstyle a more relaxed and natural surfer vibe. For authentic surfer hair, use a salt spray product that is designed to help your hair look like a surfer’s without damaging it.

Surfer Hairstyles For Men

Men’s Surfer Hairstyles For The Beach

The surfer boy haircut has been in fashion for years and achieving a sexy surfer hairstyle is simple even if you don’t have blonde hair. To inspire you to get the look, we’ve compiled some of the hottest short and long surfer hairstyles of the year. Check out our collection of cool surfer hair and start planning to grow out yours before the coming summer.

Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Surfer Hair

Messy Textured Medium Length Hair + Full Beard

Long Surfer Hair

Long Thick Shoulder Length Surfer Hair

Beach Hair For Guys - Surfer Haircuts

Longer Messy Parted Hair

Short Surfer Hairstyles

Medium Length + Thick Curly Surfer Hair

Curly Surfer Hairstyles

Straight + Flowing Hairstyle

Surfer Style Hair

Longer Textured Hair + Thick Beard

Short Surfer Hair For Guys

Short Wavy Textured Surfer Hairstyle

Shaggy Surfer Hair - Messy Beach Hairstyles

Long Flowing Hair + Movement and Volume

Long Surfer Men's Hairstyles

Long Curls

Surfer Boy Hair - Beach Hair For Guys

Side Swept Long Surfer Hairstyle + Beard

Surfer Hairstyles - Long Surfer Hair For Men

Shaggy Medium Length Blonde Hair

Shaggy Medium Length Blonde Hair

Layered Side Swept Hair

Surfer Haircuts For Guys

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