The Evolution of a Haircut – Jared Leto

By | July 28, 2021

The Evolution of a Haircut – Jared Leto

Jared Leto, the American actor, singer-songwriter, and director is an interesting man to analyze from a hairstyle point of view. Due to his many shifts regarding his look, you can see with him how much a hairstyle could help you look better and how important it is to pay a little more attention to it. I appreciate this man’s efforts and courage to try so many haircuts and hair colors because eventually you only have one life and you must try it all! I want to encourage you guys to take more risks and to take bigger steps into trying new things regarding your hair and your look.

Here’s Jared at the 88th Annual Academy Awards with a slick back hairstyle that transmits so much elegance it’s impossible not to get crazy about it. And it’s that easy! You only need lots of hair wax and a comb to styling your hair like this.

Years ago I couldn’t have said the same thing since this look is far away from elegant, but who knows what was in vogue at that moment? That’s the straight version of a medium-length surfer look with a gentle bang coming over the forehead.

Sometime after, he decided to try some colorful locks and you can see the result below. Interesting and provocative, isn’t it? You can play with your hair path, so if you swipe it over one side or make it even, in the middle, you’ll get two different effects. It’s your call which one suits you better.

He couldn’t last too much longer with that simple, classic surfer look, so he changed his haircut to a blowout one, even crazier than Bruno Mars’. Looking like he just got out of bed? I think it’s cool and bold. His impulse stroke, so he did it! Nothing to lose, just setting trends.

The blowout wasn’t enough for his insurgent soul, so he decided to shave his sides and grow a longer tuft, punkers like that it was impossible not to be noticed everywhere he went. A bit of craziness never harmed anybody.

In 2010 his sides grew long enough to create a low fade and bring the middle section to a shorter length so that he could bleach his hair while keeping the roots in natural color. What a masterpiece! You gotta have guts to do this!

You can get back to your original hair color anytime you get bored of your current one, as Jared did in 2011 when his hair grew even longer than in 2010 and went for this hedgehog-like hairstyle with a messy tuft and side-swept fringe.

Over the years, Jared Leto grew his hair, so that he currently has long hair, with a middle path and a nice combination of colors in his hair. The ombre or balayage hair color technique was not invented only for women. It’s at men’s disposal as well, but unfortunately not so many dare to try it. I find this hairstyle a fascinating one and the hair color is one of my favorites.

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