The Undercut Hairstyle

By | July 27, 2021

The Undercut Hairstyle

I recently did the article The Disconnected Undercut and at the time I was coming across other variations of the Undercut and I thought I would when I got the chance to compile another similar article that showed some more examples of the Undercut haircut.

In this first image, we have Josh Duhamel who over the years has experimented with a number of hairstyles. This type of haircut I have not seen on anyone else before, there is no clearly defined line that separates the short hair from the long hair but the way the hair flops over means that the hairstyle is very versatile. You can allow the top part of the hair to drop on either side of the head.

I like how edgy it looks and would be very easy to style and maintain.

Zachary Quinto has a smart undercut where the hair on the top has been nicely styled using a styling aid like a mousse. The hair is tucked into a bun and the hair isn’t going in one direction but in many different ways.

Colin Farrell has often gone for this hairstyle below. I like how the cut has added volume and elongated his face.

This isn’t your typical undercut but all the same Kevin McHale has gone for a fringe which really works.

With Ewan McGregor’s hair, there are lots of strands and curls which have been individually styled and the top is almost like a disconnected undercut.

Adam Levine’s undercut is more like the type that you see the majority of people having. It’s heading towards a pompadour style but still falls to one side with an added quiff for good measure.

Cristiano Ronaldo sure likes his wet styling aids. This is a nice undercut that is short and very easy to get right.

Adam Lambert’s hair here looks very healthy and shiny and you can see the effort has been put in to get that flow right with the medium-length hair. It falls nicely into place!

Give some of these examples ago, they are certainly in vogue at the moment.

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