Tony Awards

By | July 28, 2021

Tony Awards

The Tony Awards took place last Sunday and there were so many great hairstyles on show from different men of different ages that I really wanted to showcase a nice selection in this article. So I have 18 great images for your pleasure.

For people who don’t know what the Tony Awards are it is an annual Theatre award show held in New York that celebrates the best Actors, Actresses, Directors, Stage Production Assistants, Music Composers, Theatre Designers, Costume Designers, and Lighting Designers from the U.S and worldwide. Broadway in New York and The West End in London is the epicenter of the Theatre industry worldwide.

I myself grew up watching a lot of Theatre and I even went to an acting school in London to study a degree in Theatre Design so the Theatre is very much close to my heart.

This year’s award show was hosted by James Corden who normally presents the Late Late Show on CBS in America. James who is a Tony Award winner himself kicked off the show with a fun-packed sing-a-long. You can check out this here.

This year the talk of the town was the incredibly successful Broadway production called Hamilton which was up for 16 Tony Awards and walked away with 11 on the night including the best-featured male actor for Daveed Diggs.

On the pre-show red carpet there were some varied hairstyles on show, to start off you can see in this first picture that rocking the curls is very much in vogue. I particularly like the short side of this example.

Beowulf Boritt

shaved haircut is great if your going bald, it looks neat and tidy.

Brandon Victor

Wow, some really strong hairstyle features going on here.

Daveed Diggs

A graceful hairstyle where the hair length on the sides has been kept long.

David Rockwell

Jesse who you may know from the TV sitcom Modern Family has also starred in a number of Broadway shows. A very easy-to-maintain hairstyle which a little quiff on the front.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jeff is a well know Costumer Designer and here he has a stylish comb-over hairstyle.

Jeff Mahshie

A very interesting casual hairstyle that is bordering on being a pompadour.

Jonathan Groff

A nice side parting where the hair has been neatly combed into place.

Josh Segarra

This is a great example of what can be done to your hair if you are someone who has very curly hair.

Justin Guarini

Not much to show in this picture other than the fact that the hair has been pulled back into a ponytail.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

A nice level of layering on the sides leading to an elegant side parting.

Max von Essen

Why not, let’s rock the Afro hair!

Quest love

An under-cut hairstyle where the hair is kept extra long on the top and in this example it’s been combed backward.

Tom Scutt

This is a great hairstyle to pick if you find your hair is starting to recede.

Andrew Rannells

A very interesting hairstyle, it’s like the top has had a mini-perm, haha.

Daniel Dae Kim

Wow, some serious lift on that flock of hair, very bouncy indeed.

Clint Ramos

Interesting, there is a lot of length on the hair but the sides are very short around the ears.

Glenn Slater

Josh Groban, funny guy, he is soon to star on Broadway, he has a good flock of hair which is always free-flowing and curly. It must have something to do with his Jewish ancestry.

Josh Groban

That’s it! Now, all you need to do is hit your local theatre to see a show or play.

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