Week in Pictures – No 4

By | July 28, 2021

Week in Pictures – No 4

Right, carrying on with the series Week in Pictures in this week’s article there were so many events that took place during the last week that I couldn’t resist adding a decent amount of images to this article. I have tried to pick out people who have some interesting hairstyles and some of the men have really short haircuts but I have not added them to the website before so I thought I would!

It’s really interesting to see the different levels of hairstyles that people are going with nowadays, in some instances like the first image people are wearing what they feel comfortable with.

Ok, so the first image is Johnny Knoxville who was at the Disney Pixar movie Finding Dory world premiere on the 8th of June. Johnny is an interesting person, a little crazy and here you can see that his hair is a little scruffy and untidy.

Kobe Bryant was at the recent American Film Institute 44th Life Achievement Gala Tribute to John Williams on the 9th of June. His hair is very short and his hairline is very high.

At the same event, I spotted this image which I had to use as you very rarely get Steven Spielberg and George Lucas together at the same time. This image is a great example of how to grow old wisely and gracefully and they both have hairstyles that work, in particular, George Lucas’s hairstyle is very interesting.

On the 9th of June, there was the Independence Day: Resurgence Berlin photocall and here you can see Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. They both are sporting natural hairstyles that require very little styling have been cut with scissors.

On the 10th of June, there was the Central Intelligence Los Angeles premiere and there were a number of great actors on the red carpet like Scott Eastwood who is below. An easy-to-style quiff with short sides.

Also on the red carpet was Ryan Hansen. Ryan has thin hair which is a little curly and natural and stylish.

And finally, the two main stars of the movie are Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Cool, funny guys who like their hair very short.

On the 11th of June, there was the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2016 at Wembley Stadium in London, there were a number of music artists and celebrities at the event. First one was Tinie Tempah. A fade on the sides leading to an Afro crew cut.

A lot of our American fans may not know this next guy Roman Kemp who is the son of Ross kemp an actor on television in the U.K. I picked him because he has an interesting hairstyle. It’s an undercut with long hair on top.

Back to music artist, the next image is of John Newman, John has really changed his looks, good for him! A slicked back hairstyle and tidy short in length sides.

And the next image is Craig David who is still going strong. He has very wild, curly Afro hair.


These next 4 images are from the recent 7th Annual Thirst Gala which was held on the 13th of June. In the first image, we have Drew Seeley.

Here is Cameron Boyce and I really thought he had a very distinctive hairstyle look. Very curly hair that has a lot of bounce on the top and is very easy to keep in shape.

Mike C. Manning has an interesting hairstyle, which is choppy and edgy. A popular hairstyle that is very easy to look after.

Finally, Connor Fanta has a popular fringe haircut that is neat and tidy.

In this last image dated the 14th of June shows Justin Chatwin who was at the No Stranger Than Love special screening in Los Angeles. A nice slick side parting that is very stylish.

My next article will be about the recent Tony Awards, so stay tuned!

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